money conscious

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It's true, you're particularly money conscious at the moment.
It's true, that you are particularly money conscious at the moment.
A money conscious mum has revealed how she slashed her Christmas spending to [pounds sterling]350 by planning ahead, shopping online and making food and gifts herself.
Also, governance should be made less lucrative in order to curtail the excesses of the corrupt, power-drunk, money conscious politicians from contesting public office.
The restaurant has an emphasis on gluten free vegetarian food as well as being outstandingly well priced, so this is the perfect place for the health conscious - who are also money conscious.
Becoming money conscious at this juncture will be in your interest.
Perhaps, if the miscreants are money conscious, they may want to hire a professional if only to barter with the Bar about the costs involved.
He feels that now is as good a time as any to purchase an annuity and LTC insurance so a linked product is an easy fit for today's money conscious consumer.
There is a tremendous potential for the brand in Bahrain with its money conscious masses being the main target.
The situation has made expats more money conscious.
com)-- In these hard economic times, Americans are becoming more money conscious.
As people become more money conscious they are less experimental in their diets and fish and chips offer an afford-able treat," The Daily Express quoted Jonathan Firth of consumer researchers Kantar Worldpanel, as saying.