money conscious

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Becoming money conscious at this juncture will be in your interest.
Meanwhile, marketers are targeting value for money conscious consumers with cheaper variants of their products.
Money conscious homeowners can also make savings by searching and comparing deals on their home insurance using price comparison websites such as compare the market .
There is a tremendous potential for the brand in Bahrain with its money conscious masses being the main target.
The situation has made expats more money conscious.
com)-- In these hard economic times, Americans are becoming more money conscious.
As people become more money conscious they are less experimental in their diets and fish and chips offer an afford-able treat," The Daily Express quoted Jonathan Firth of consumer researchers Kantar Worldpanel, as saying.
Designers are very money conscious at the moment and don't have the cash to use inexperienced models and shoot something over and over again.
The credit crunch has made many Britons more money conscious than at any time in the last 50 years and so saving money will be a priority for millions of families in 2010 - as a New Year resolution it has moved up from fourth place last year to second position now.
I'm a bit more money conscious because of the (household) bills going up which has made me cut down a bit but it's not really affected me that much.
Beth admits she hadn't considered the cost of accidentally going into the red - a possibility for even the most money conscious student.