money conscious

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"Just think ahead and be money conscious and environment-conscious."
According to the communique adopted by the stakeholders and issued at the end of the programme, victims should try and speak out; females should not be too money conscious; parents should monitor the movement of their wards.
Although customizable, DAB is designed to allow for out-of-the-box implementation, thus saving money conscious Associations important resources that can be passed on to their members.
Together, as life and business partners, they managed to climb their way out of the hole (and stayed out) by developing a plan of four basic principles: 1) Use Cash, 2) Live Below Your Means, 3) Have a Financial Plan, and 4) Be Money Conscious. Their story was recently published by Yahoo!
It's true, that you are particularly money conscious at the moment.
It's true, you're particularly money conscious at the moment.
The restaurant has an emphasis on gluten free vegetarian food as well as being outstandingly well priced, so this is the perfect place for the health conscious - who are also money conscious.
Becoming money conscious at this juncture will be in your interest.
Perhaps, if the miscreants are money conscious, they may want to hire a professional if only to barter with the Bar about the costs involved.
He feels that now is as good a time as any to purchase an annuity and LTC insurance so a linked product is an easy fit for today's money conscious consumer.
"There is a tremendous potential for the brand in Bahrain with its money conscious masses being the main target.