money dealings

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It is involved in crimes like drug and money dealings in the Greater Middle East (GME) and Latin America".
Aries March 21 - April 20 YOUR secrets are out, your money dealings are being aired and you're called to show up and sort out anything you know will only dig in deeper if you don't.
You're going to need all the help you can get where joint money dealings are concerned.
The Tanzanian telecom operator has accepted the revenue share model in compliance with the regulations of the countrys apex bank, facilitating the mobile operators of Tanzania to boost e-money deposits and mobile money dealings via loyalty incentives.
Pleasing progress will be made, particularly from the standpoint of money dealings with others.
Some money dealings in business and personal life could be on your agenda this week.
The trial, which went into recess on September 20 and will resume in January, exposed complex money dealings and drew attention to the financial might of evangelical Christian churches in the largely Buddhist and Taoist city-state.
Money DEALINGS with finances in the months ahead should be most successful
The parallels between the transactions quoted from the Sarkaria Report and the Private television channel money dealings are striking,'' she said and alleged that the same devious, difficult-to-track money-trails.
Federal secretary of postal services informed the meeting that about 150 fraud incidents took place in Pakistan Post during the previous year and 82 this year, adding, such incidents take place in departments where dealings of money will take place, on which Chaudhry Nisar expressed anger and said there have been corruption reports in the transparency international reports and it is not necessary corruption takes place in money dealings.
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president, went on television immediately after Gono's announcement to warn residents to shun illegal money dealings and profiteering.
As the survivors struggled to regain a foothold for some sort of recovery from this heavy loss, they were repeatedly knocked back by King Edward's efforts to stamp out their money dealings, to turn them into farmers and merchants, and to persuade them to convert to Christianity.