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According to Nagarik daily, Lalit Kumar Jha, a non-gazetted officer of the Immigration, has failed to justify the source of more than Rs 15 million in his account, and the investigators have claimed that it is Pathak's money earned illegally.
'All of the money earned by the land grabbers through this land will be recovered from them, ' Amin vowed.
KARACHI -- A Customs court handed over Muhammad Iqbal and Yasir Ali, accused of selling illegal devices used to broadcast Indian channels and sending the money earned in subscription fees to India, on a five-day physical remand to Customs authorities.
The banks should even welcome contributions of money earned from questionable means; after all, the money is not being deposited in some anti-state fund.
Through Gwadar port the money earned will be millions of dollars and the loan given to us by china will be paid from these earnings so which means that the Pakistan won't need to take off the loan from their personal earned money the loan will pay off by the earnings coming from Gwadar port.
Yesterday was dubbed Fatcat Thursday, as the money earned by senior executives passed the average worker's annual salary of PS28,758.
"Imran Khan should stop using abusive language and behave more sensibly," Abbasi said while addressing a press conference earlier today, adding that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader has admitted to laying the foundation of the party with money earned from gambling.
He said Imran Khan had admitted in a private TV channel programme that he had run the party from the money earned from gambling.
Currently, every English top-flight club receives an equal share of the money earned from international broadcasters.
20 (ANI): Following the derailment of 14 coaches of the Puri-Haridwar-Kalinga Utkal Express which killed 23 people, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday suggested a five-year plan for the Indian Railways, adding that all the money earned by the Railways should remain with it.
When they were trying to sell the lottery to voters more than 25 years ago, political candidates left many Texans with the impression that 100 percent of the money earned from the lottery would go toward education and that the lottery might generate enough money to pay for all public education.
Money earned through publishing and licensing songs to films and advertisements helped make up the shortfall; while the money earned by British producers and recording studios rose from Au116 million to Au119 million.