money expended

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The public money expended on such places, and the public property deposited in them, requires that they should be exempt from the authority of the particular State.
The lawsuit concerns the amount of money expended by the MTA for 'Base Building Work.
Recent events have made it clear that the termination of the Metalclad agreement is in the best interest of our shareholders, and although frustrating because of the time and money expended, we are confident that the Tri-State acquisition will prove to be more beneficial to our shareholders," added Regan.
However, since Toyota is unfairly capitalizing on the "Ralph" character's public familiarity as a Lottery figure, compensation should be due the State of New York for the time, effort and public money expended to produce the original.
We are especially pleased with the net income produced for the third quarter, given the amount of time and money expended during the quarter in order for our company to become publicly-traded.
GFA experts perform all services necessary to achieve optimum value for money expended.
Could a suitable room be furnished in which the small scholars of this school could be placed under a female teacher, far more benefit would be realized from the money expended by the town in each district for apparatus to assert the teacher in imparting instruction in those branches of education which are studied more or less by all the scholars who receive their education at our common schools.
on legal tees Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada tops the list in big money expended on litigation.
What was clear to me was how seriously the police had taken the situation and the amount of time and money expended in the dog's capture, containment and assessment.
When money spent by Texans on food, lodging and other amenities is added to money expended on gaming, Texans spend $4.
I hope the money expended by whoever set this up has been lost and the business has been a complete failure.
There has been no comment on the spiraling number of suicides among active duty soldiers, no preachers (or bishops) calling into question the vast sums of money expended on war and occupation, and no one raising questions as Iraqi Christians are driven out of their homeland.