money expended

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The public money expended on such places, and the public property deposited in them, requires that they should be exempt from the authority of the particular State.
'It's a federal road, but there is a way state governments fix such roads and recoup the money expended back from the FG.
The FX sub-section contains downloadable forms, annexes, appendices and other relevant documents which should "minimize over the phone inquiries (and) reduce clients' search costs or the time, energy and money expended in researching relevant FX rules for their transactions."
The grants averaged $67,800 per project and comprised 25 per cent of the money expended to complete the work.
The length of time spent struggling against air pollution, the amount of money expended, the results achieved, and the actual threat of air pollution on the lives and health of the people clearly indicate that the corresponding government institutions and officials and entities and companies gaining profit from the smoke possibly committed crimes that are stated in the Criminal Code of Mongolia, including of abuse of power, accepting, offering, and mediating bribe, neglect of duty, and misuse of budget funds.
Despite massive amount of loaned money expended on these projects, overall number of people, who were provided relief by these projects, was not commensurate to the volume of investment.
We did submit an unsuccessful funding bid for modern trams some years ago which is a source of frustration bearing in mind the amount of money expended on the London Crossrail link in recent years.
Based on his experience of other countries, there's always a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of money earned: money expended, he claims -- "and it always works.
She said that Pakistan incurred massive losses in terms of lives lost, money expended and time consumed after it became part of US war on terror, still America was talking tough to the country.
Most of the time and money expended has been used simply trying to put systems in place to meet the DOL's bureaucratic requirements, not to serve clients.
The proposal will need the support of a strong campaign - without it, the effort and money expended so far will have been spent in vain.
Though the Saints reinvested the money taken from the sales of Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw and Calum Chambers, rocketing their spending over the [pounds sterling]130m mark, Newcastle have invested [pounds sterling]63m in this spell -- more than double the money expended by Stoke -- and the Swans' [pounds sterling]67m only marginally tops this.