money hungry

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They are usually shown as evil, money hungry opportunists, who are depicted as nothing but 'gold-diggers'.
Some of Ruto's allies are plotting to expose the money hungry MPs through secret recordings of their confessions.
Scott Ellis wrote: "Why not give them to food banks for free, rather than be money hungry?"
The young and globally known internet savvy Filipinos are fast becoming a prime target for the money hungry cybercriminals.
Management need to stop being so money hungry and ripping off the elderly, and provide enough staff to give adequate care to every member of their facility.
While many of the people who commented didn't see Anfisa as promiscuous, they agreed she was money hungry.
Raj Nasta of Zest2Recruitment gave Coran a pep talk before her phone with Apollo Swiss - he said it was important that she came across as "money hungry".
To us oldies it will always be 'The Cardiff Arms Park' Carol Taylor Money hungry wru at work again, can guarantee not a penny will filter through to the regions Chris Felvus When the UEFA Champions League Final is played there in 2017 they'll have to change it back to the Millennium Stadium, under their advertising rules.
The disarray emanates from overblown egos, sycophancy and disgusting subterfuges of power and money hungry officials.
He then added he thought the move was a land grab by money hungry developers desperate to get hold of the horse stables on Manhattan's West Side.
Why has education become so money hungry?  It feels like it's not even about educating our young, but just how much money can be made out of education…
What is disappointing is to see the Champagne socialists, those awful hypocrites, Lord Kinnock, Lord Prescott, and slippery Lord Mandelson and their money hungry chief Tony Blair, among others, all feeding at the same trough as the people they were voted in to fight.