money matters

See: finance
References in classic literature ?
I do think he must have been sent for about money matters, for what else can it be?
He is proud and cold, and, between ourselves, stingy in money matters. I have had to dispute such trifles as a few centimes in the hotel bill; and twice already, some sharp remarks have passed between the newly-married couple, in consequence of her ladyship's freedom in purchasing pretty tempting things at the shops in Paris.
"Now, papa," said Clara that morning, wrinkling her brows and putting her finger-tips together with the air of an experienced person of business, "I want to have a talk to you about money matters."
My having prevented it may perhaps have given his wife an unfavourable impression, but where there is a disposition to dislike, a motive will never be wanting; and as to money matters it has not withheld him from being very useful to me.
"As you justly remark," he answered, "my money matters have nothing to do with you and I am my own master."
Levin knew that his elder brother took little interest in farming, and only put the question in deference to him, and so he only told him about the sale of his wheat and money matters.
And now, Percival, having done with the money matters for to-night, I can place my attention at your disposal, if you wish to consult me on that second difficulty which has mixed itself up with our little embarrassments, and which has so altered you for the worse, that I hardly know you again.
"My father and I found that we could not look after the inventing and experimental end, and money matters, too, and as Ned had had considerable experience this way we made him take over those worries," and Tom laughed genially.
'Not in money matters, exactly, it seems; but it's best to keep out of the way of temptation.'
"Money matters are my business -- I say money matters are my business, Lecount.
I apologize a second time for alluding to money matters before it was absolutely necessary.
Imprudence or thoughtlessness in money matters would be unpardonable in me."