money order

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You can use money orders if you don't have a regular checking account.
Palawin said the money orders with a total face value of $631,470 was mailed via FedEx courier on Oct.
Thieves are able to "wash" money orders in a way that removes the apartment community's name, allowing them to use the funds for other purposes.
Si es por cheque o money order, envielo a International Relief Teams, 4560 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 2G, San Diego, CA 92120-4309; pagina web
He later had the courtesy to respond by telling me that Nexus made the decision some time ago that it was costing too much to process cheques and money orders over the counter so, in keeping with other service outlets, the decision was made to accept them only by post.
That looked modest novice-chase form, but the Brendan Powell-trained debutant Money Order, who completed McMa-nus's brace with an emphatic success in the bumper, looks to have a bright future.
I've racked my brain considering your question, and out of all of the methods to pay a bill--check, debit, credit, direct debit--a money order would be the second worst way, next to cash, that I would recommend as a form of payment.
According to Bruce, his life of crime began when he received a $100 money order sent to his home.
Public Access President Les Schlesinger said 50% of his company's monthly clientele pay their auto insurance bills by cash or money order, making Vcom a convenient conduit for their payments because the kiosk accepts cash-up to 30 bills of different denominations at one time-through the machine's bunch-note accepter.
(CA residents add sales tax.) Pay by check, money order, Mastercard, or Visa.
The Cell is monitoring prompt delivery of Value Payable articles and issuance/payment of Value Payable Money Order to the sender of VP article on daily basis.
Talking to media here on Tuesday, he said Pakistan Post is going towards ecommerce, rebranding, mobile money order and enhanced logistic facilities via network of 13, 000 post offices across the country.