money owed

See: debt
References in classic literature ?
Six or seven years later his resources were several times multiplied by an honorable act of the new Lord Lonsdale, who voluntarily repaid a sum of money owed by his predecessor to Wordsworth's father.
He believes any money owed to staff should be repaid.
The total amount of money owed to the north London hospital has reached PS45.9million - up from PS30million two years ago.
When will these councillors get in the bailiffs or sheriffs, and recover the money owed and expenses for doing so?
SPRINGFIELD -- A measure that releases money owed to state employees for work completed dating back to 2011 successfully passed the Illinois House recently.
According to a press release, the APNS office-bearers discussed problems faced by KP-based member publications, especially money owed by government organisations.
Ofgem said Green Star Energy would honour all outstanding credit balances, including money owed to both current customers and to past customers of Future Energy.
Of the 30 businesses shown on the form -- in addition to three senior noteholders that comprise some $2 billion of the money owed -- the following radio companies are listed:
BOLTON Wanderers bosses have paid money owed to the taxman, a specialist judge has been told.
He added: "There was always chaos, there was always money owed somewhere or another and it was always like, 'Who can I squeeze money out of now?'"
Summary: Saudi ArabiaEe's government has started paying contractors, with local press reporting around SAR 40bn (roughly 25% of money owed to them by various government agencies) of outstanding payments being made by 20 Nov.
The Property Ombudsman (TPO) expelled Miaisa Ltd, which traded as Gallery@HD1, for a minimum of two years after ruling that it failed to co-operate with an investigation into money owed to landlords and tenants.