money owed

See: debt
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Six or seven years later his resources were several times multiplied by an honorable act of the new Lord Lonsdale, who voluntarily repaid a sum of money owed by his predecessor to Wordsworth's father.
UK households owe more PSThe total money owed households s g .
Summary: Saudi ArabiaEe's government has started paying contractors, with local press reporting around SAR 40bn (roughly 25% of money owed to them by various government agencies) of outstanding payments being made by 20 Nov.
Bankruptcy trustee David Rutherford, of Edinburgh insolvency specialists Cowan and Partners, has been appointed to take control of Jackson's assets and try to recover money owed to creditors.
YET again Kirklees Council is failing to collect money owed by debtors.
MetLife believes the money owed by adult children underlines the squeeze on retirement income and highlights the need for retired people to plan ahead for potential financial shocks.
What if an employer withholds money owed to the employee?
for foreclosure over the money owed, the Olympic swimmer's parents lost last October.
The US has once again belittled Pakistan by doling out part of the money owed to Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) at the time of the PM's visit, she added.
The UAE's Dana Gas began arbitration proceedings in London on rights and money owed from an oil development contract it signed with the Kurdistan regional government of Iraq in 2007.
Evan, Jay, Morgan and Reeve discuss the controversy that continues to surround CSCOPE, money owed by Lt.
The amount of money owed to transporters who ferried grain for Government's grain loan scheme rose to US$7 million which affected the transportation of maize from areas of surplus to places in need of grain as transporters insist on resuming service after getting paid for services rendered.