money sent

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I shan't send in my name--I shall announce myself as a person on business, and the first words I say to her will be these: "I come, my lady, to acknowledge the receipt of the money sent to Ferrari's widow.
At the end of my second year at Hampton, by the help of some money sent me by my mother and brother John, supplemented by a small gift from one of the teachers at Hampton, I was enabled to return to my home in Malden, West Virginia, to spend my vacation.
The value of money sent out to beneficiaries abroad seem to be consistent with the size of the migrant communities in the UAE, as well as the performance of the US dollar, to which the UAE dirham is pegged.
During the fourth quarter (Q4) of the year, money sent by expats to home countries jumped to Dh43.
The money sent by non-resident Indians, who number by as much as 200 million worldwide, contribute 3.
By region, money sent from the Middle East increased by 3.
During interrogation, Wara also admitted that the money sent to UK was collected by KKF as extortion money from different sources.
The accused used forged meeting minutes dated July 22, 2002, and a fake Cotu constitution to open parallel bank accounts in which they deposited money sent by donors for the war on HIV-Aids.
I have told staff at the sorting office that this charge of PS1 is taken from the money sent to Brittle Bone, and this morning the attitude of the young lady who served me seemed to sum up today's society and my impression of the Royal Mail.
The growth in the amount of money sent by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is expected to slow down at 4.
It admitted that the money sent to China by it has no connection with Metro Bus and this letter is available at company's website.
Meanwhile, Yabait company has accepted its crime through a letter and accepted the sentence given by the Chinese government and admitted that the money sent to China by it had no connection with Multan Metro Bus and this letter was available at company's website.