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For money-conscious grocery shoppers, Poundstretcher also offers great value prices on everyday big brand items such as food, toiletries and household goods, along with a great range of fantastic seasonal goods.
As Bill Lowe said in his Education for Life (Phoenix Books,1984): 'Freedom is one of the qualities of life that is most valued, but nobody knows better than the money-conscious citizens of free economies that 'free' is something of a misnomer; everything has to be paid for, including the freedom.
But if you're the money-conscious type, it's an event to dread.
This year saw UAE residents take a more money-conscious approach to travel, as staycations within the country proved more popular compared to overseas travel.
And because the summer offers many fun opportunities that could pressure even the most money-conscious folks, planning ahead could help you keep a healthy budget.
So even though people will occasionally splurge on a big vacation or concert tickets, when they are in money-conscious mode, they will stick to buying material goods.
Are we all really that money-conscious? Doesn't relevance, timely need, convenience and trust matter?
They could reduce their squad size by releasing another player, but that would involve paying off a squad member and compensating them with the rest of their contract, something highly unlikely in the world of the money-conscious Magpies.
After all, not even the most money-conscious among us will religiously go through their pennies, searching for one from 1936 with a tiny dot under the date.
The app targets money-conscious college students, with all but two of the Taste Bud restaurant choices within blocks of the University of Texas at Austin.
"They were all very careful and money-conscious. They never owned a car and never smoked or drank.