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We've rounded up some of the best money-savings deals on the high street from Tesco, Argos, Littlewoods and other stores.
Both Councilmen Voccio and Touma understand that even if the money-savings plan is a big success, it may take even more action by the city to escape the crisis fueled at least in part by the loss of casino revenue which the city had used to balance its budgets, far beyond the economic development originally targeted for gaming cash.
"With money-savings being the in-word now, this festive range from Karbonn is aimed to bring in a completely novel vista of gifting for your loved ones," says the company in a release.
The service will give more than 40m Britons free access to their full monthly credit report for life and will help them use this information to search out money-savings deals on a range of products.
Built to exceed California's energy efficiency standards by at least 35 percent without additional cost to homebuyers, Rockrose homeowners realize money-savings throughout the lifetime of their home.
Rite Aid notes that its pharmacists frequently assist Medicare patients by helping them to reduce related paperwork and by advising them of such money-savings options as generic medications and appropriate over-the-counter drugs and supplements.
Most importantly, if you are a pensioner, low-income family or are on benefits don't miss out on money-savings offers.
In order to access the new money-savings program, Kroger customers register online at the retailer's Web site by entering their shopper loyalty card number to sign up at the "P&G E-saver" section.
If you need any more reasons to pay Martineau Place a shopping visit, then here's a selection of great money-savings offers.
The couple, who live in Mount Nod, are members of our Reader Reward scheme, which offers great money-savings to those who have the paper delivered six nights a week.
To ensure that existing customers receive personally relevant time- and money-savings messages about beneficial products, alerts can be personalized on the customer's individual servicing Web page.
You are going to want to check out this year's Money-Savings Products winners.