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This limited-time coupon is valid from February 26 to March 31, 2012, and targets shoppers who want to maximize their money-savings experience at their local grocery and drug stores.
The service will give more than 40m Britons free access to their full monthly credit report for life and will help them use this information to search out money-savings deals on a range of products.
If you need any more reasons to pay Martineau Place a shopping visit, then here's a selection of great money-savings offers.
The couple, who live in Mount Nod, are members of our Reader Reward scheme, which offers great money-savings to those who have the paper delivered six nights a week.
Renfroe also will help introduce an amazing money-savings offer** from Luvs that will make a big difference to families with children in diapers because they go through a lot of them
The partnership with Anita, in coordination with the song and money-savings offer, is part of a broader brand campaign designed to encourage moms to take a stand to demand more for less cost, especially in these tough economic times.
The key benefit for IT professionals is a time- and money-savings which can only occur in a targeted online environment.
Auctions and exchanges are an efficient way to procure products - and equate to a time- and money-savings for our core audience, the busy IT professional," stated Greg Strakosch, CEO of TechTarget.
The service will be free to more than 115,000 Sprint customers in Florida who subscribe to Caller ID With Name individually or through one of Sprint's money-savings packages with the service -- the Advantage plan or the Call Manager Plus plan.
Once the Internet survey is complete, customers receive a report with up to fourteen (14) water uses with money-savings recommendations while on-line.