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With money-savings being the in-word now, this festive range from Karbonn is aimed to bring in a completely novel vista of gifting for your loved ones," says the company in a release.
The service will give more than 40m Britons free access to their full monthly credit report for life and will help them use this information to search out money-savings deals on a range of products.
In order to access the new money-savings program, Kroger customers register online at the retailer's Web site by entering their shopper loyalty card number to sign up at the "P&G E-saver" section.
If you need any more reasons to pay Martineau Place a shopping visit, then here's a selection of great money-savings offers.
The couple, who live in Mount Nod, are members of our Reader Reward scheme, which offers great money-savings to those who have the paper delivered six nights a week.
The service will be free to more than 115,000 Sprint customers in Florida who subscribe to Caller ID With Name individually or through one of Sprint's money-savings packages with the service -- the Advantage plan or the Call Manager Plus plan.