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I got a chance to ask Amma's guidance about something, so I asked her if I should continue to live moneyless.
AS I DROVE BACK to pick up the crew for the day's skate--dejected, moneyless, defeated--I began to wonder how the world economy could function when creditors were only open for three hours a day.
I could draw no breath, 30 Dead and moneyless, Overexposed, like an X-ray.
My earliest work on policy from an intertemporal point of view was about fiscal policy in a moneyless economy.
16) This nationalistic argument appeared to have some validity, for when Laporte's productions failed to draw enough spectators, he 'endeavoured to persuade his poor performers to accept half salaries, but the insolent proposition was rejected by the company with due scorn, and the moneyless enterpriser has been forced for three nights a week to close the doors of Covent Garden Theatre'.
Going deliberately against the most widespread and respected dogma of modern fiction, which looks askance at the plot, she structured The Queen of the Prisons of Greece around an uninterrupted chain of events centering on Maria de Franca, a moneyless mulatto heroine lost in the stairways, corridors and halls of the social welfare bureaucracy, where she struggles to obtain a certain benefit.
Babylon and Pharaonic Egypt with powerful states which governed moneyless economies provide representative examples (Polanyi, Arensberg, and Pearson, 1957, 30-31; Baeck, 1994).
At one, called Los Fifis, he began to express a nascent socialist viewpoint by portraying members of three social strata: aristocrats drinking from crystal goblets, intellectuals lost in political debates, and moneyless workers just making music.