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The Moneyless Manifesto has been made available to read for free online, is published under Creative Commons licence, and proceeds from hard copies go to Permanent Publications to fund sustainable projects.
I should never have been hit because of another man's carelessness; I shouldn't have to sit at home jobless and moneyless.
He refuses to be patronized by the white woman and hence when he walks away, hungry and moneyless, his future is obviously bleak.
I was still living totally moneyless, eating fruit off trees and finding bruised and half-rotten veggies that were thrown out in the marketplace, chopping off the bad parts and using the rest.
34) One example, from Zanzibar's Samachar, is the advertisement for Geimex Racket: 'He was moneyless and jobless.
The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living (One World Publications, $22.
Thus, in the East they are known as the anargyroi (Greek, "the moneyless ones").
As the years passed, the waste and inefficiency of a moneyless society gradually began to take their toll on Israel's roughly 270 kibbutzim.
10 Newcastle Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide 2010 Handicap Chase 2m4f ATR Card page 24 Key stat Three of the last six winners were nine-year-olds and there are two in this line-up; Chigorin and Moneyless What they say Rose Dobbin, trainer of Luksar "He's won lots of point-to-points for us.
In this predominantly moneyless agricultural economy based on hard physical labor by the peasantry, "[m]aking money as a merchant or even [as] a manufacturer .
The famous economic historian transcends geographic bounds at breathtaking speed, moving from the moneyless Inca society plundered by gold-hungry Spaniards to today's moneyobsessed Americans.
AS I DROVE BACK to pick up the crew for the day's skate--dejected, moneyless, defeated--I began to wonder how the world economy could function when creditors were only open for three hours a day.