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Volunteer of the Year winner Thomas Randle, and (left) runners-up Sean Curley and Mason Monger
This is what oceanographers call a dead zone-an area of very low or zero oxygen where nothing that uses oxygen for growth can live," Monger said.
Monger, a founding member of Chapter's Film Workshop in Cardiff, has lived and worked in LA for 30 years.
You may have seen Michelle Monger and The Funeral Sisters, consisting of percussionist Bryce Abood and bassist Brock Shannon, on Season 2 of Wichita Sessions, a local live-in-the-studio music TV show, which airs on KPTS Channel 8 and as a radio show on KMUW FM89.
Sheen was nominated for his role as Tony Blair in The Special Relationship, and Christopher Monger was nominated as writer of the HBO film Temple Grandin.
He was a bit of power monger but in other areas he was an incredible person before his time with Napoleanic law in France.
In the drama program she started seven years ago at Spotswood High School in Pennlaird, Virginia, Monger has seen students of all ages and backgrounds join together successfully in the spirit of the performing arts.
Monger of the Geological Survey of Canada in Vancouver.
Billy Monger, 18, tweeted a photo before he drove at Brands Hatch, Kent.
Mr Monger, who turned 18 yesterday, said: "All the support just makes me more determined to get back in the car and get racing again.
Cameron Monger scored on a sacrifice fly in that inning, but the Tornadoes left the bases loaded.
Ben Hopkins (Monmouthshire) , George Knight Eddins (Cardiff), Ffion Monger (Merthyr Tydfil), Joe Owen plus Eden and Sophie Greaves (all Denbigh & Flintshire) have been selected to represent Wales at the prestigious event The riders are now in the process of planning the exciting trip where they will contest the title with their ponies.