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We see war- mongering which puts the last 60 years actively back into our memory.
Tension and scare mongering are used to fulfil the policies and party aspirations.
Surely, the Republican Party has a greater legacy to bank on than to have to scoop to such low-down hate mongering, which is highly encouraged by the only institution that see benefit in this, namely the hate mongering Zionist lobby, which for decades has sought to make this hate mongering as American as apple pie.
We have to create an atmosphere to bring rumour mongering to an end.
They should concentrate on the issues facing their own teams rather than deal in pathetic rumour mongering," said Elliott.
We must work together to ensure that all people from other states do not feel threatened by rumour mongering and SMSes.
For those who were scaring people and engaging in fear mongering, I think there needs to be some accountability.
It licenses for a fee and manages Internet cyberstations designed to define companies to Internet investors and to protect them from Internet rumor mongering and stock manipulation to which public companies are increasingly at risk.
It licenses and manages for a fee a network of internet cyberstations designed to assist public companies in defining themselves to online investors and protecting them from rumor mongering and other fraudulent activities not uncommon to the Internet.
And a woman targeted in the phone blitz has hit out at London-based Independent Women's Protection Association for scare mongering.
He said government public diplomacy efforts should also tap Hollywood's expertise to improve their products and counter hate mongering by terrorists and their allies.