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It's a love story full of hatred, jealousy, power mongering, backstabbing and above all unbelievable inter-relationship conflicts," he added.
Speaking at the Asia Society in New York on Tuesday, Khar said Pakistan was deeply disappointed to hear statements from India that upped the ante and claimed her government was creating a precedence of not fanning war- mongering.
We see war mongering," Khar said at the Asia Society in New York, where she hit out at statements by Indian politicians over the escalated tension between the two countries.
This kind of hate mongering and tickling of emotions is often used by proponents of a failing regime or establishment that was for all intents and purposes unable to deliver on what their constituents really expect from them.
GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman tried to convince the same La Raza conference that welcomed Howard Dean that the Republican Party was not "anti-Hispanic" by pointing to the number of Latinos named to prominent positions, in a display of fear mongering of a different sort.
McGrew offers statistics, helpful hints and plain common sense presented in easily understood language without sounding overly professorial or scare mongering.
Such fear mongering was given much media play, but the work of the CHAP and the work of many other independent scientific groups proves those fears were groundless.
Fergie claimed: "What we have got is a bit of rumour mongering and gossipy talk infiltrated from somewhere in the FA to the press.
Senate held hearings on Iraq, Scott Ritter, former chief of the Concealment Investigations Unit for the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) on Iraq, was in Boston to denounce the hearings, as well as the Bush administration's efforts to stir public opinion, as war mongering.
There has been some childish rumour mongering on the websites of other Elite League teams, but there was never any doubt that, if Ruff was returning to the Elite League, he'd come back to Belfast.