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We spent over a year interviewing and working side by side with the best cheese mongers and retailers in the business to get a wide view of best practices.
The program is open to all participants including independent cheese shop owners, deli specialists, cheese mongers, and cheese enthusiasts.
This is nasty stuff, even if it's meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek, and it gives liberals cause to cry that conservatism has been taken over by shrill hate mongers.
While the panic mongers have an undeniable head start, so far the ability of modern science to deal with such a novel and destructive threat seems up to the task.
Perl Mongers, the largest Web site dedicated to Perl programmers, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to establish Perl user groups.
The awards were conceived of and administered by Perl Mongers, (http://www.
According to Perl Mongers founder brian d foy, "Tom has an eagle's eye for finding who's talking about Perl and responds instantly to anyone treating Perl unfairly.
By refusing to advertise on the highly publicized April 30 episode, Klein said, Chrysler ``runs the risk of appearing to tacitly support calls by hate mongers and those who are intolerant and anti-gay.
OTCBB:WSYS), licenses and manages a network of Internet cyberstations designed to help define public companies to Internet online investors and protect them from Internet rumor mongers and stock manipulators.
The letter, part of a search warrant unsealed Friday, describes the benefits of killing Jose Garza, including allowing the sisters to start their own business and getting Nicole Garza's children away from a husband the wife accuses of teaching them to be ``gun mongers,'' ``inconsiderate'' and ``rude.
Some sales-hungry fish mongers now suggest that fans throw two octopuses tied together to make up the difference in legs.
Arnone, a fish monger at the open-air Eastern Market here.