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In the United States, the FDA had already cleared the ALEXLAZR and the PLTL for treating brown spots of the skin caused by sun exposure and sun damage, brown pigmented skin lesions such as Nevus of Ota, Mongolian spot, and traumatic pigmentation, and the removal of unwanted tattoos.
Neonates, lanugo hair, Mongolian spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, cutis marmorata, vernix caseosa, acrocyanosis, neonatal acne, erythema toixcum neonatorum, neonatal alopecia.
Extensive Mongolian spot related to Hurler disease (Abstract).
Blue discolouration of the skin can have a multitude of causes, including Mongolian spots, blue naevi, the naevi of Ito and Ota and metallic discolouration (1) or the use of drugs such as minocycline.
Pigmented naevi were the most common, with mongolian spots in 11.

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