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The three main human races, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid, and the biological race theory they advance, which fell under scrutiny beginning in the early twentieth century, (169) was presented to the Supreme Court in 1987.
Beginning with A Movie in 1958, he made a series of experimental films, from his Zapruder-meets-McLuhan short Television Assassination to his Devo video Mongoloid, that laid the groundwork for the current explosion of remixes and mash-ups.
11,18-19) It is possible that LATAM native Amerindians are protected against MS by their mongoloid genes, as may Canadian aboriginals and Japanese cohorts.
Betty meanwhile compares the extraterrestrials to "mongoloids": "I was comparing them with a case I had been working with, a specific mongoloid child--this sort of round face and broad forehead, along with a certain type of coarseness" (266).
Women as well as men imbibed, and Lane documents the drinking habits of Ogodei, Mongke Khan, and Abaqa Khan, among others, relating alcoholism and metabolism to the ADH2-2 Mongoloid gene.
Both Han Chinese and Japanese are members of the larger mongoloid population, but a difference was evident in the heterozygosity of 2 SNPs, c.
The baby had a Down syndrome phenotype on physical examination with mongoloid eye structure, epicanthal fold, flattened nasal bridge, short and blunt fingers and bilateral Simian lines.
Muqtada, along with a Mongoloid younger brother, are believed to be the only male survivors of the late ayatollah's family.
Finally, Grave Danger, the Phoenix area's answer to Deadholt (although what the question was I'll never know), is another consistently good time (and I think they actually have a song with a chorus that goes "banging a mongoloid," or at least that's what it sounds like to me) .
They are a Mongoloid group; most are Shi' a Muslims but some are Sunnis.
nihonzin-wa mongoloid-da Japanese-TOP mongoloid-COP 'Japanese are mongoloids.