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And Consumers realize that it's folly to spend $25 for a classified ad to resell a monitor.
The battle has officially begun: sleek, flat-panel liquid crystal display (LCD) PC monitors are flooding the market and forcing the continued erosion of traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) shipments.
When LanChile put out a bid for upgrading more than 1,500 workstations last year, there was one key requirement: The monitors would have to be provided by ViewSonic, a global leader in advanced visual displays.
TABS[R] mobility monitors, the professional product for fall management, now give you even greater flexibility in selecting a monitoring method that works best for each of your residents.
The award-winning Compaq TFT500 is a 15-inch active matrix monitor that is 2.
However a firm decides to monitor its practice, the monitoring should be documented and provide the firm with reasonable assurance that the policies and procedures established for the other quality control elements are suitably designed and effectively applied.
The Fuel Monitor 2000 provides 24 set point temperatures and, for most buildings with 50 units or more, it pays for itself within one year.
The T220 monitor will promote groundbreaking new applications," said Bob Artemenko, director - new market development, IBM Display Business Unit.
The SPC analyzer is a low-cost solution for plants that need to monitor only one or a few machines, and it can later be incorporated into a full-fledged CIM network.
If you can monitor the process, you can improve productivity," says Mick Thiel, president of Mattec Corp.