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Fox News reports that the monitor lizard is being held at an animal specialist center near Heathrow until experts can find the creature a suitable home.
The Indian Monitor Lizard is under threat due to their large scale [36].
Living Dragon: A Natural History of the World's Monitor Lizards.
With their blue tongues, beaded skin, and daggerlike claws, Nile monitor lizards are prized exotic pets.
Monitor lizards and snakes rely on other senses to find prey.
The best parts of Pianka's book are his various accounts of what he calls "lizarding," the quest for such creatures as the two-meter-long perentie, the largest monitor lizard in Australia.
One month before onset of illness, the family pet had been a 2-foot-long savannah monitor lizard (Varanus exanthemapicus), which the parents reported had had loose stools for the 8 months it was in their possession.
The radiated tortoise, black spotted turtle, Bengal monitor lizard, and Dumeril's boa - all threatened with extinction - were among them, as well as the critically endangered Philippine crocodile and Philippine forest turtle.
Non-native species included radiated tortoise, Bengal monitor lizard, black spotted turtle, and Dumeril's boa.
Police were alerted to sightings of a Nile monitor lizard, whose bite is strong enough to crush human bones.
The Bosc Monitor lizard has been turning heads in Huddersfield after owner Ben Cooke started taking her out for walks near his home in Bradley.
Following the call, two members of the Wildlife SOS rapid response unit were immediately dispatched to the location and upon arrival identified the reptile to be a monitor lizard.