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1713 (2007); Cristie Ford & David Hess, Can Corporate Monitorships Improve Corporate Compliance?, 34 J.
the monitorship commences." Morford Memo, supra note 282, at 7.
There is no ex post research into the attributes of successful versus unsuccessful monitorships--are the goals of the monitorship met and what inputs impact reaching the goals.
secondary data, we investigate the entire monitorship process including
In another sign that independent monitorships are attracting top-shelf legal talent, Tenet Healthcare Corp.
The monitorship is being instituted as part of a comprehensive reform package agreed to by Cooper Union and OAG and entered by the Court as a Consent Decree in New York County Supreme Court Index No.
Alexandra has extensive compliance and monitorship experience, which includes assessment of internal controls and procedures and the review, creation, and implementation of compliance and training programs at multinational companies and financial institutions.
Brian is a member of the leadership team assisting the Monitor for the Office for Mortgage Settlement Oversight and serves as Project Leader for the monitorship of the renovation of the Jacob K.
The datemyschool team has been working on the new platform for several months, tweaking their safety and privacy settings in order to upgrade their user-verification, advance their manual monitorship of profiles, and highlight their members' ability to restrict schools, departments, individuals, and other groups from accessing their profiles.
A global authority on regulatory compliance, the company also oversees some of the world's most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors.