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different terminology is used to describe the monitorship (16) and there
Somebody's Watching Me: FCPA Monitorships and How They Can Work Better, 13 U.
Department of Justice (DOJ) monitorship established under the Company's 2005 Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
In order to make sure that the Audit Committee can review this issue with complete independence, the Breeden Partners nominees will not serve on the Audit Committee at any time while the KPMG monitorship is still in existence.
The monitorship, which will last five years, involves overseeing the implementation of the decrees, providing technical assistance to the police department, and issuing regular public reports assessing the police department's progress.
Sears and Jenkins, both formerly with Kroll Associates, have each practiced law in Southern California for more than a decade and bring a wealth of federal and state prosecution, investigation and monitorship experience to the DSFX team.
77) Bird & Park, supra note 18, at 212; see also Cristie Ford & David Hess, Can Corporate Monitorships Improve Corporate Compliance?
The article reviewed recent work by Veronica Root, associate professor of law at Notre Dame University, to incorporate monitorships into the ALI framework.
See generally Cristie Ford & David Hess, Can Corporate Monitorships Improve Corporate Compliance?
Monitor Nancy Kreiter says, for example, that where some firms facing monitorships "want to take advantage of the consent decree, and become a model," Dial was more interested in a more limited version of compliance.
His primary areas of concentration are health care fraud, independent review organizations and monitorships, audit committee investigations, bribery, corruption and kickbacks.