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Given this historical perspective I said that the 1962 monitum of the Holy Office against 'several works' of Teilhard, upheld in 1981, didn't seem like an impossible barrier to overcome.
Ironically, the Monitum that suppressed Amici Israel also expressed the official magisterium's first formal condemnation of antisemitism.
In August 1962, the Holy Office under Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani issued a monitum (warning) about the writings of the Jesuit philosopher, paleontologist and geologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Mais voici autre chose : je sais de source a peu pres certaine que les jesuites irlandais intriguent a Rome pour y obtenir a tout le moins un monitum a l'adresse d'Alonie de Lestres.
2) Some of Teilhard's writing alarmed the Holy Office to the extent that it issued a monitum or warning in 1962 concerning it, but his work was not condemned or listed by the Catholic church.
598a): "Dieses Monitum ist unberechtigt, weil das SWTF ein Spezialworterbuch zu religiosen und literarischen buddhistischen Sanskrittexten ist und die wissenschaftliche Literatur (einschliessich Grammatik) nicht zu berucksichtigen war.
The Roman Catholic Church annually issues a monitum prior to the celebration of Holy Week, advising all who participate in these ceremonies -- and especially those who celebrate the Good Friday commemoration -- that the proclamation and explanation of the passion accounts (and of John's passion narrative in particular) are not to be used to justify Antisemitism in the Church.
Depending on the relative importance and scope of validity this is done in and through constitutio apostolica, litterae decretales and litterae apostolicae ("motu proprio"), decretum and rescriptum, directorium and instructio, notae directivae and normae, monitum, responsum and communicatio.
Since we are not able to ask de Chardin how he understands passages that are not easily understood, and because he cannot defend himself against unjust allegations, we have an obligation to seek enlightenment from those who have studied him well, like Henri de Lubac (later a Cardinal) who, after the ill-conceived 1962 monitum which had only mentioned "several works" of de Chardin, without naming them, and mentioned only "ambiguities" and "serious errors", without naming any, "wrote three comprehensive books on the theology of Teilhard de Chardin in the 1960s" (cf.
Here the bishops suggest further steps in a graduated manner: Call for continual critical theological study, expand the dialogue to the regional or national level, restate authentic church teaching in a positive manner, issue a doctrinal monitum about the dangers to faith in such a teaching,a nd declare publicly the apparent error of the position.
The nine monita against his writings still hold and we have a moral duty to respect and obey them (CDF, Holy Office, Monitum on the Writings of Fr.
Cardinal Josef Frings (of Cologne) opposed Luckner's work and, in 1950 (the same year as Pius XII's Humani generis), a Vatican monitum warned against the indifferentism that could result from Christian-Jewish dialogue.