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10,11 In view of the antenatal complications like stillbirth, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Society for Maternal-Foetal Medicine (SMFM) published a consensus document suggesting a delivery at 38 weeks in the dichorionic twins and at 34-37 weeks in monochorionic twins.
Results of a large, robust meta-analysis of 32 studies (including 35,171 women with uncomplicated twin gestations) indicated that 37 weeks' gestation be considered ideal timing in uncomplicated dichorionic twin pregnancies, and not before 36 weeks for monochorionic twin pregnancies, to minimize perinatal deaths.
The implications of monochorionic twin pregnancies are significant because fetuses and neonates of monochorionic gestations account disproportionately to the overall rates of adverse neonatal outcomes and health care expenditures.
Selective photocoagulation of communicating vessels in the treatment of monochorionic twins with selective growth retardation.
The causes of growth discordance in dichorionic twins are the same as for singletons, while the causes of monochorionic twin pregnancies include the following: discordant placental sharing, discordant implantation, placental transfer of nutrients and differences in insulin-like growth factors.
Multicystic encephalomalacia after first-trimester intrauterine fetal death in monochorionic twins.
It is an accepted medical doctrine that monochorionic twins are exclusively monozygous," said Dr.
Monochorionic twins need specific and frequent monitoring due to significantly increased risk for both fetal and placental complications.
A presumptive diagnosis of acardiac twin was made and she was sent for expert opinion scan which showed--Diamniotic Monochorionic twin gestation.
The rate of congenital anomalies in monochorionic twins, for example, is similar to the rate seen in diabetic mothers.
Monochorionic twins had significantly high rates of stillbirths than dichorionic (p = 0.