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Each type would consist of two elements: the dimension of the relationship (as discussed above) and whether these occurred within a diarchic or monocratic context.
Deng continued to view monocratic leadership as essential, referring to himself as the "core" of the second generation, but he eliminated most of the trappings of the cult of personality, thereby allaying the impression that the paramount leader is sine qua non and that his replacement hence necessarily involves a "crisis.
Composing each house 'as a symphony, with variations on a few themes', Schindler rejected the monocratic Golden Section favoured by Le Corbusier for commensurate ratios, preferred from Vitruvius to Palladio.
14)This we find expressed in the following: "According to the teaching of the Orthodox and Old Catholic Church, all the decrees of later date therefore, which ascribe a monocratic and absolute authority over the whole church to the bishop of Rome and which regard him as infallible when he defines doctrine in the exercise of his office.
It was as if the monocratic reflex previously identified with the head of state had been displaced to the level of an intellectual elite that invested itself as the incarnation of established power.
Although monocratic executives are customary, plural executives do exist and even flourish.