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MONOGRAM. A character or cipher composed of one or more letters interwoven, being an abbreviation of a name.
     2. A signature made by a monogram would perhaps be binding, provided it could be proved to have been made and intended as a signature. 1 Denio, R. 471. And there seems to be no reason why such a signature should not be as binding as one which is altogether illegible. See Initial; Mark; Signature.

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We thought we'd join in the fun this season by offering a fun, engaging campaign focusing on monogramming.
A connoisseur blend features old-world monogramming on new-world Triton crystal designed to resist breakage.
Monogramming has received a lot of attention in the press, said Donna Ferrari, tabletop, food and wine director for Brides magazine.
Today's couples, once again, view monogramming as a way of symbolizing their lifetime commitment to each other, personalizing their special day and creating a distinctive identity together.
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