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In this use, each candidate employs the connectors to signal the maneuvers that allow him to achieve monologic completeness.
Ginsberg "occupies multiple positions," thus "turning the monologic lyric genre into a zany dialogue" (43) between poetic voices, from the "countercultural critique" of the opening stanzas to the "Cold War paranoia" (45).
Self-consciousness, as the artistic dominant in the construction of the hero's image, is by itself sufficient to break down the monologic unity of an artistic world--but only on condition that the hero, as self-consciousness, is really represented and not merely expressed, that is, does not fuse with the author, does not become the mouth piece for his voice; only on condition, consequently, that accents of the hero's self-consciousness are really objectified and that the work itself observes a distance between the hero and the author.
Keywords: hybridity multicultural transgression boundaries dialogic monologic crossing the border postcolonial universalism
According to Bakhtin's well-known theory, Tolstoy's detached objectivity and refusal to speak with his characters violates their right to self-definition since, in Bakhtin's view, the individual's innermost identity cannot be fixed by an external, monologic voice: "The truth about a man in the mouths of others, not directed to him dialogically and therefore a secondhand truth, becomes a lie degrading and deadening him, if it touches upon his 'holy of holies,' that is, 'the man in man'" (59).
A movement from dialogic to monologic discursive practice.
Possible connections between monologic teaching and lecturer teachers or between dialogic teaching and conversationalist teachers are still to be established.
The self is constantly thrown into an existential encounter with the others so as to build interactive relationships, and this idea is later advanced into the theory of so-called dialogism that is opposite to monologic theoretism (4).
The topics include contrasting dialogic and monologic subjectivities of body and mind in Euskera, perceptual landscape from the perspective of cultures and genres, vision and conceptualization in ancient Egyptian art, embodied emotions in medieval English language and visual arts, and a Sufi perspective on conceptualizations of ruh "spirit/soul" and jesm "body" in Persian.
Consider the confessional realization of Paola, the birthday girl, in a monologic moment of pining for what she isn't, what she hasn't: "It displeases me but I am not a Buddhist.
8) I would argue, however, for a somewhat different view, as in Bakhtinian terms, centripetal forces are centralising forces; they are the socio-ideological forces that attempt to submerge heteroglot plurality under the hegemony of official discourses, and that work to produce a sense of monologic unity out of the heteroglossia of social discourse.
By privileging the polyvocal as opposed to the monologic, the collaborative as opposed to the authored, questions as opposed to answers, the show not only offers a much-needed antidote to the worst tendencies of our current and still hyperbolically individualistic art world but also provides an important precedent for a different, more appealing type of artistic production.