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I didn't see the earlier cast (Calista Flockhart, Ron Eldard, Paul Rudd) but can't imagine a better trio than the one on view in London, even if the largely self-deluded speakers of LaBute's terrible tales make one yearn for a touch of Alan Bennett's artistry as a monologist.
When directing solo work, I observe (from the back of the house) the audience as much as I do the performer, for as the ground-breaking monologist Ruth Draper noted, the key is "to bring the audience up onto the stage and into the scene with you.
Though Coulter claims to have no interest in a career as "a monologist," these salon performances suggested the possibility of being just that.
The prominent monologist and classic comedian Ismail Yassin created his own debut in the world of theater and later in the world of cinema.
Unlike their novelist and monologist compeers, many Victorian lyricists generate hauntingly vague and undeveloped voices that cannot be connected to an identifiable setting or a well-characterized individual.
It operates in a dialogic transmission system with many sources to many receivers in contrast to traditional media that operates under a monologist transmission model with one source to many receivers.
I think not, and she seems keenly aware that, just as in certain early-modern plays, the monologist risks merely speaking to himself or herself, fathoming little and healing less.
Coming from Edmund Wilson, himself a famous monologist, this is strong criticism.
Initially, I discovered the style while I was an arts reporter and critic for the NBC affiliate in San Francisco and interviewed the monologist Spalding Gray.
CURATOR: Okay so just very quickly Mike Daisey was a--is a monologist, a theater monologist who performed a show called The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, about working conditions in the Chinese factories that made Apple products, and it turned out a lot of his.
As Bakhtin defends, it is one of the greatest innovations ever made, since it has changed traditional and monologist world of literature completely.
It has to go beyond your material - otherwise, you're just a monologist.