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33) The monologist convinces himself, and perhaps even others, that he has discovered the ideal, or is on the path to finding it, and this optimism can generate large ambitions, grand schemes of social engineering or enterprise association.
113) A number of American monologists and lecturers on humor occupied the British platform in the later 1850s, of whom perhaps the most successful was Stephen Rumbold, who toured in 1859-60 with a comic lecture on contemporary literature.
I wouldn't - I'd ask Clive James to come and be our after-dinner speaker because I think he is a great monologist and he would be wicked about us all.
This is not to say that he merely lashes-or, in the case of Vienna, bashes-his victims with immense gusto; he also often includes himself in the ironic fun, as he does in this novel too when he has his narrator, a retired Greek teacher and maniacal monologist from Carinthia, presenting himself as a man of few words while at the same time accusing his brother Franz of incurable logorrhea.
If the monologist Spalding Gray were a Washington policy wonk, this is what he would sound like.
This great poet, so seminal in the development of my own work, is now viewed as having no psychological depth, an ersatz monologist.
11, Jackson held a reception and storytelling session in New York City with novelist Kurt Vonnegut and monologist Eric Bogosian to illustrate how both art and creation are story based.
Some unusual categories for onstage personnel include acrobat, animal trainer, dwarf, equestrian, equilibrist, fireeater, freak, giant, monologist, mountebank, oddity, posture maker, pugilist, reciter, ropedancer, ropeslider, strongman, trained animal, tumbler, and wrestler.
The former monologist who used to speak about substance abuse and dangerous sex has been sifting through two decades of work for an upcoming book -- ''100 Monologues'' -- and a new one-man show, ''100 (Monologues),'' at the Labyrinth Theater Company.
Highlights of the North East-bred programme included Oh, The Humanity, Northern Stage's revival (now co-produced with Soho Theatre) of five playlets by celebrated New York monologist Will Eno; Unfolding Theatre's Best in the World which considers what it means to be the very best at what you do (prompted by darts player Phil 'The Power' Taylor); and improv legends The Suggestibles who will provide one of many quirky single performances.
This essay interrogates how the theatre of Queer monologist Neff Watkins challenges HIV-stigma, while simultaneously reconciling his Queerness and HIV-positivity with a sense of Irishness.