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His monologue stopped aruptly with a sharp noise like a thundercrack that rolled in dreary echoes round the dismal mere.
The man thus genially addressed had desisted from drumming on the door and retreated sullenly into a corner as Fisher continued to address him in a flowing monologue.
Here a strain of music stole in upon my monologue, and suspended it; it was a bugle, very skilfully played, in the neighbourhood of the park, I thought, or on the Place Royale.
MAINLY the Round Table talk was monologues -- narrative accounts of the adventures in which these prisoners were captured and their friends and backers killed and stripped of their steeds and armor.
Now, a month later, he had begun to look upon them differently, and, in spite of the monologues in which he jeered at his own impotence and indecision, he had involuntarily come to regard this "hideous" dream as an exploit to be attempted, although he still did not realise this himself.
Bahgaga band - photo courtesy of the band's official Facebook page CAIRO -- 26 December 2017: "Our aim is to revive the art of monologue which is died out now , developing its composing style and even instrumental music " Ayman Helmy manager and artistic director of comedy crew "Bahgaga" band, told Egypt Today.
Pakistani-American comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani's recently hosted Saturday Night Live in which he delivered a powerful monologue, tackling Islamophobia and racism he faced over the years.
Jimmy Kimmel, a popular name among the several late-night TV show hosts in the country, revealed his newborn son's health complications just last week in an emotional monologue during his show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live.
The story of the character on each monologue varies- there's the bitter queen who got dumped for her own best friend, the boy next door who's trying to get out of the friend zone, the single lady who is a forever third wheel, the NBSB and her almost-lover, the LDR couple, the womanizer who got cheated on, the guy experiencing his first moved-on moment, and many more.
beaucoup moins que] A l'instar des autres activites et festivites qu'abrite la maison de la culture de la wilaya de Tipasa a longueur de l'annee, les Journees nationales du monologue et de l'humour sont une halte incontournable dans notre programme culturel.
1) As the critical history of the auditor shows, the auditor is a defining feature of the dramatic monologue not only because how one theorizes the genre depends significantly on how one theorizes the auditor-function, but conversely because how one theorizes the auditor-function significantly alters one's theory of the dramatic monologue.
Along with covering the basics of how to match the best monologue to the actor and how to approach the rehearsal and performance of the piece, "In Performance: Contemporary Monologues for Teens" provides a synopsis of each play, a character description, and a list of questions specific to each monologue that will direct the actor toward shaping a complex, honest, and thoughtful performance that has a strong emotional connection, a clear arc, and playable actions.