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I could have spared myself the jest; he gave it no attention, but seated himself in the chair that he had left and resumed the interrupted monologue as if nothing had occurred:
The talk wandered on, a monologue on Mary's part, that centered always on Bert Wanhope.
His monologue stopped aruptly with a sharp noise like a thundercrack that rolled in dreary echoes round the dismal mere.
The man thus genially addressed had desisted from drumming on the door and retreated sullenly into a corner as Fisher continued to address him in a flowing monologue.
Here a strain of music stole in upon my monologue, and suspended it; it was a bugle, very skilfully played, in the neighbourhood of the park, I thought, or on the Place Royale.
Monologues will take place in the theatre bar at around 10pm or after whatever show is on.
The Vegan Monologues is a highly entertaining work from longtime vegan Ben Shaberman.
They star in The Vitae Monologues, true stories about post-abortion trauma told from both male and female perspectives.
In addition, Jajidiacos's monologues are written specifically with adolescent performers in mind.
Eamonn Jordan in "Look Who's Talking, Too: The Duplicitous Myth of Naive Narrative" draws up "four broad strands" to categorize monologues in the contemporary Irish theater, depending on how many characters narrate and how much enactment of the subjective experience takes place in addition to the verbal act (125-26).
Stockton-born actor Stephen Tompkinson is backing the Asylum Monologues, a stage show about the plight of foreigners who flee to the UK.