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MONOMANIA. med. jur. Insanity only upon a particular subject; and with a single delusion of the mind.
     2. The most simple form of this disorder is that in which the patient has imbibed some single notion, contrary to common sense and to his own experience, and which seems, and no doubt really is, dependent on errors of sensation. It is supposed the mind in other respects retains its intellectual powers. In order to avoid any civil act done, or criminal responsibility incurred, it must manifestly appear that the act in question was the effect of monomania. Cyclop. Pract. Medicine, title Soundness and Unsoundness of Mind; Dr. Ray on Insanity, Sec. 203; 13 Ves. 89; 3 Bro. C. C. 444; 1 Addams' R. 283; Hagg. R. 18; 2 Addams' R. 102; 2 Addams' R. 79, 94, 209; 5 Car. & P. 168; Dr. Burrows on Insanity, 484, 485. Vide Delusion; Mania; and Trebuchet, Jur. de la Med. 55 to 58.

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For postmodernist and poststructuralist accounts of the genre, see Tucker, "From Monomania to Monologue"; Herbert F.
Freud (1917[1915]/2006) ao teorizar sobre a melancolia questiona a famosa sentenca de Esquirol (1905, 1938), que abandona o termo melancolia aos poetas e filosofos, empregando no seu lugar, o termo monomania.
28) "Sleep No More's Monomania," That Perilous Stuff (blog), April 2,2013, http://thatperilousstuff.
Concluding his survey of Gericault's Monomania portraits, Cork writes, 'Disturbing, poignant and utterly clear-sighted, these honest studies executed with such deft authority in the gloom of asylums herald a turning point in Western Society's attitude towards demented humanity' (p.
The previous night, the band appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and played the title track from their new record, Monomania, which was released in May.
An ancient Persian tale, byzantine romance, Voltaire, Edgar Allan Poe, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle serve to illustrate Cervantes's juxtaposition of mystery, characterization, monomania, the monstrous, and the tapestry effect.
That requires a measure of healthy monomania, a conviction that one's chosen question and approach are more interesting, valuable, compelling, and likely to succeed than others'.
However, Boenig seems insistent on making Lewis's lack of medieval monomania into a puzzle, referring to it repeatedly (50, 64, 71), such that this non-issue distracts from an otherwise informative chapter.
Manette quien, durante sus dieciocho anos de prision en la Bastilla, entretuvo su mente haciendo zapatos de madera, monomania que conservo hasta que su hija Lucie lo encontro en un hotelucho de Paris y se lo lleva de regreso a Londres.
On the theory that the final days revealed the logical endpoints of both National Socialism and Hitler's monomania, Trevor-Roper concluded that the Fuhrer's "error lay in supposing that faith can move mountains by itself, instead of merely giving the decisive impetus to the spade.
Critics have frequently noted the importance of illness and debility to Wuthering Heights: the significance of Hindley's intemperance, Catherine's anorexia, Heathcliff's monomania, and many other implications of illness have all been investigated.
La investigadora utiliza una documentacion cientifica detallada de la masturbacion, la erotomania (amor de naturaleza sensual o sexual), la monomania erotica y el uranismo; siguiendo el discurso medico y los diagnosticos de la epoca.