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Brooks, a confirmed monomaniac, made three ebullient acceptance speeches, and was still talking when the network cut away to the June 3 telecast' final commercial.
At first they performed in geek shows, travelling carnivals, tawdry pleasure-houses, smoky backwater bars--freaks of monomaniac excess, idle curiosities only.
12) For readings of Ahab similar to my own, yet that do not invoke science to under stand the monomaniac Captain, see Christopher Sten, The Weaver-God, He Weaves: Melville and the Poetics of the Novel (Kent, Ohio: Kent State Univ.
His warning is particularly applicable to Ahab, whose personal obsession makes the flaming Pequod "the material counterpart of her monomaniac commander's soul" (423).
Seldom has Dickensian heratio (rhetorical repetition) seemed more monomaniac than here:
Smug Pierre Brochant (Thierry Lhermitte) learns about a hopeless monomaniac, Francois Pignon (Jacques Villeret), who builds elaborate architectural marvels out of matchsticks, and invites him as his guest.
Lewis described Girdler as a "heavily armed monomaniac, with murderous tendencies, who has gone berserk.
In my now monomaniac view, I believe librarians should go all the way and play a leading role in the knowledge architectures of their internal webs, organizing access to external resources.
He is, in many ways, the natural son of the great monomaniac of American literature, Melville's Ahab.
Lippman refers specifically to Shuki Elchanan when he castigates the "goody" Jew concerned with issues of morality that are irrelevant in the Middle East, according to Lippman, since the Arabs are ill-equipped to honor virtue; their monomaniac quest to reclaim Israeli land renders moral considerations obsolete.
This fellow was part of a group assembled by a charismatic monomaniac whose Christ-like humility fronts for the hubris of a Hitler and who, accordingly, derives his mission from the Bible and Mein Kampf.
Tandy,(1) a test of irresistible impulse was defined which is clear, coherent, and is unlikely ever to be met by any defendant, whether addicted, sexually deviant, or monomaniac.