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MONOMANIA. med. jur. Insanity only upon a particular subject; and with a single delusion of the mind.
     2. The most simple form of this disorder is that in which the patient has imbibed some single notion, contrary to common sense and to his own experience, and which seems, and no doubt really is, dependent on errors of sensation. It is supposed the mind in other respects retains its intellectual powers. In order to avoid any civil act done, or criminal responsibility incurred, it must manifestly appear that the act in question was the effect of monomania. Cyclop. Pract. Medicine, title Soundness and Unsoundness of Mind; Dr. Ray on Insanity, Sec. 203; 13 Ves. 89; 3 Bro. C. C. 444; 1 Addams' R. 283; Hagg. R. 18; 2 Addams' R. 102; 2 Addams' R. 79, 94, 209; 5 Car. & P. 168; Dr. Burrows on Insanity, 484, 485. Vide Delusion; Mania; and Trebuchet, Jur. de la Med. 55 to 58.

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Morley denounced the volume's monomaniacal character, citing Swinburne's "gloating .
But the almost monomaniacal power of this treatment also may cause uneasiness: even those readers (myself included) deeply sympathetic with his critique of postmodern performativity may pause uncomfortably over readings that apparently return us to an excessively strict and limiting orthodoxy, such as when Marlowe's Doctor Faustus is said to simply depict "the absurdity of this creature's revolt against his Creator" (54), or when Hawkes asserts that the "paradigmatic heretical belief .
Second, we must accelerate development of alternative energy, with concentrated efforts--no, with monomaniacal intensity
It is especially unhelpful that so many self-proclaimed "greens" and political "progressives" are hung up on this monomaniacal theme.
Refuting a diary, for me, was a refutation of a narrative form that never changes, that is inherited by millions of weepy, monomaniacal girls.
Donoghue devotes considerable energy to refuting Matthiessen's view of Ishmael as embodying "the redemptive character of American culture" (73), but does not lay a glove on Matthiessen's portrait of Ahab as a warning against monomaniacal pursuit of subjectively defined "evil".
Another apparent monomaniacal Sam Wyly goal--sheltering his wealth--reportedly was inspired by the huge divorce settlement that his first wife obtained in the early 1990s.
His post-BALCO physique testified of his monomaniacal focus on hitting home runs.
It's the movie-watching equivalent of having to choose between a clueless, ineffectual Democrat and a delusional, monomaniacal Republican.
They have a monomaniacal determination to make the paper profitable.
The novel thus points to the modern, a realm that does not belong to Don Quijote, who ends up imprisoned by his monomaniacal imagination.
The scientist would with monomaniacal focus perform repeated experiments with insects, his intensity crystallized in the words.