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Karbala governor denied accusations of decisions monopolisation, saying "the governor has executive and legal authorities to be exercised through the guidance of the provincial council".
Mr Bourne says monopolisation risks destroying the unique identity of Welsh communities.
The changes made to the use of land along the riverbanks over the past 30 years indicate that the days of monopolisation of the river by a single type of industry are over, to be replaced by a harmonious blend of sustainable industry and lifestyle options.
We ask the NTRA to protect competition, ban any practices of monopolisation and compensate for the losses of Internet companies due to the installation of MSAN cabins.
Abdellatif Mekki, membre du bureau executif du Mouvement Ennahdha a denonce dimanche dernier, ce qu'il a appele [beaucoup moins que]la monopolisation par le ministere de l'Eeducation du dossier educatif[beaucoup plus grand que] et reclame la participation de tous, y compris son parti a la reforme du systeme educatif.
The new monopolisation of the Slovak hybrid mail services market(1), which until now was liberalised, infringes on EC Treaty rules on the abuse of dominant market positions (Article 82 and 86).
Il a encore denonce , le retour "de la monopolisation de la representation professionnelle", soulignant la necessite de "faire participer toutes les organisations professionnelles reconnues au dialogue, dans le but de renforcer la liberte d'organisation surtout que la Tunisie a besoin, aujourd'hui plus que jamais, de resserrer les rangs et de mobiliser toutes les forces vives".
The group adds that it is a "legal monopolisation on opinions related to Islam, which is the official religion of the country".