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The addition of monopolistic competition without allowing for entry and exit over the business cycle increases the volatility of consumption and its correlation with output and reduces both the volatility of investment and its correlation with output.
Furthermore, the percentage of workers who are designated as being employed in monopolistic industries decreased about 50% from the first period to the second, decreasing from 12.
It has to prove MusicNet and Pressplay are monopolistic, and hope Patel goes for it.
It also avoids monopolistic problems were Virgin to have won its rival bid.
as monopolistic entities to be regulated by new restrictions.
New telecom legislation that replaces the old monopolistic licenses with C&W with new ones that liberalize the sector has been enacted in St.
When governments control information and news, we call it totalitarianism; when monopolistic corporations control them, we call it free market strategy.
PepsiCo and two independent Mexican bottlers have accused Coke of limiting competition in the Mexican market through the use of monopolistic practices, such as exclusivity contracts.
characterized the ABA's action as "clearly anti-competitive and monopolistic.
However, the Public Service Commission has thus far demonstrated that it will not allow the utility to capitalize on a monopolistic situation.
Drawing on Oestreich, Ute Frevert's Krankheit als Politisches Problem 1770-1880 (1984) described how a discourse of medical enlightenment was formulated that served the interests of both academically educated physicians, who sought monopolistic control over healing, and of state bureaucracies, which saw in public health an opportunity to extend the reach of "rational" administration.
Keppler provides a worthwhile historical view of the rise and fall of monopolistic competition as a dominant element of microtheory that will be useful to scholars in the field of the history of economic thought but also provides interesting reading for economists who specialize in economic theory and industrial organization.