monopolistic organization

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It is noteworthy that the administration of US President Donald Trump submitted a draft to the US Congress describes the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Organization OPEC, as a monopolistic organization pending the vote./End
The Labour Government's policy is that the 'state' provides NHS services and patients have no 'choice' where and what treatment they receive, or as Keith Evans stated in a "Review of concerns handling in the Welsh NHS", the Welsh NHS is a "monopolistic organization where you can't go anywhere else.
The monopolistic organization has an incredible amount of power in
(1) Monopolistic organization gives capital an advantage in its struggle with labor, hence tends to raise the rate of surplus value and to make possible a higher rate of accumulation.
There are those, of course, who worry about the power of a monopolistic organization. After the Broadway in Chicago announcement, there was some grumbling in the local press about the effect of a single presenter on ticket prices.
Part I of the book concludes with the discussion of industrial and economic policy aims, specifically: fostering of competition, efficiency, and the prevention of monopolistic organizations and practices.
Another factor fueling the open systems movement is the fear that large monopolistic organizations will control user options and drain companies of their working capital through huge licensing and upgrade fees.