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She affirmed that the concerned authorities reached the conclusion of establishing the department, due to mounting role of the private sector and many reports about suspicious acts of monopolization.
9) Section 2 makes two distinct acts illegal: 1) monopolization and 2) any attempt to monopolize, either unilaterally or through a conspiracy.
the relevant market) constitutes private monopolization prohibited under the Antimonopoly Law (Art.
In addition to repealing the monopolization report, the agencies are reportedly investigating complaints by Verizon and AT&T that major cable operators like Cablevision and Comcast refuse to sell them Cablevision- or Comcast-produced sports shows, contemplating an enforcement action against Google over its deal to make more books available online exclusively with Google, and calling for reinvigorated enforcement against branded pharmaceutical companies that supposedly pay off generics makers to not bring competing drugs to market.
Like the above-mentioned articles, it offers an efficiency-driven motivation for aftermarket tie-in sales or monopolization.
He warned against "the trend toward the monopolization of the great public information vehicles and the concentration of power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands.
Monopolization of time and the threat to punish for infidelity also were signals of violence.
The case, which could enter court as soon as early December, hinges on the charge of illegal tying, which under the Sherman Antitrust Act is one of the hallmarks of monopolization.
Perhaps, the monopolization of policing by government is an aberration.
Blethen was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that, "There is no business justification that I'm aware of -- other than monopolization -- for lifting any of the current rules.
The new portfolio explains the fundamental concepts of antitrust law enforcement by state attorneys general, discusses the basic theories of antitrust liability, including monopolization, horizontal and vertical restraints, mergers and acquisitions, and predatory pricing, and examines antitrust immunities potential defenses.
However, many parishes have seen a virtual monopolization of these functions by paid 'experts,' be they lay people, freelance religious, or former priests and nuns.