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Japanese makers monopolize the retarder film market, and Fuji Photo Film, Zeon, and Konica Minolta Opto will continue to supply retarder films for various large LCD applications.
Having to spend two of the first five picks to monopolize the Kansas City running back situation will put any team in a hole.
Alleging that the over 30 defendants conspired to monopolize the listing service market, BrokersNYC is seeking access to REBNY's residential listings as well as up to $16 million in compensation for damages resulting from its exclusion.
If Aerolineas gets its way and buys Pluna, it could monopolize Uruguay's busy skies.
These companies monopolize the last mile of telecommunications into the home, a status protected by state regulators.
The male's drive to monopolize paternity explains that story.
Using Morocco as an example, Leveau argues that regimes must break the Islamists' continued ability to monopolize the realm of the imaginaire among the urban youth.
Less urgent, bandwidth-intensive applications can monopolize the network and slow down critical business applications, like SAP applications, if the network cannot prioritize each application.
I witnessed former mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa monopolize the floor and tell how great Los Angeles is and how everyone wants to come here.