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With the commissioning of practices such as Morphosis, it has also expanded the purview beyond those established architects who have sometimes monopolized government work.
Moreover, Indians, not just Europeans, encouraged the perception that there was a fundamental difference between Indians and Europeans because one group monopolized speaking, while the other monopolized writing.
The defense, according to Scharf, will focus on a number of other points, including their contention that the listing market is one that inherently can't be monopolized and also that REBNY's system doesn't disrupt interstate commerce, a necessary qualification for a monopolization conviction.
The jury was instructed by the trial judge that Weyerhaeuser had monopolized a claimed alder saw log market in the Pacific Northwest from June 1999 to December 2001, based on an earlier case that is currently under review by the U.
Juhl worries that wind power could be monopolized by large corporations.
On top of that, issues like the war on terrorism and the possibility of conflict in Iraq monopolized headlines in the weeks before the election.
More than 100 years later another foreigner arrived at this perennial oasis This traveler monopolized the river's sandy shores and water-disrupting the cottonwood's benign reign.
The artist herself has expressed surprise at how this interview turned out: Filming in a village near Kosovo, she was expecting to explore the viewpoint of a supporter of Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, but it was ultimately his stridently anti-Milo sevic colleague who unburdened himself to the camera and monopolized the conversation while continuing to go about his mechanical and repetitive activity of cutting vines and tying them in bundles.