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The defense, according to Scharf, will focus on a number of other points, including their contention that the listing market is one that inherently can't be monopolized and also that REBNY's system doesn't disrupt interstate commerce, a necessary qualification for a monopolization conviction.
on Thursday agreed to pay $14 million to settle yet another antitrust lawsuit that claimed the wood products giant monopolized the market for alder saw logs.
Juhl worries that wind power could be monopolized by large corporations.
So what if the word has become suspect, monopolized as it is by those who deploy it against modernity?
On top of that, issues like the war on terrorism and the possibility of conflict in Iraq monopolized headlines in the weeks before the election.
In a passage describing the discovery of the Laocoon, Barkan has Francesco da Sangallo say that the instant reaction of his distinguished father, Giuliano, and of Michelangelo himself, to the astonishing emergence of the sculpture from the ground was "[to start to] draw, all the while discoursing on ancient things ..." (3; see too 308), whereas their response might have been rather more humdrum: to go back to lunch, during which the discovery monopolized the conversation: "Si fece crescere la buca, per poterlo tirare fuori; e visto, ci tornammo a desinare: e sempre si ragiono delle cose antiche ..." (341).
More than 100 years later another foreigner arrived at this perennial oasis This traveler monopolized the river's sandy shores and water-disrupting the cottonwood's benign reign.
The plant was announced in 1994 following Nepal's privatization of the power sector, previously monopolized by the state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority.
Palestinian society, Jarbawi contends, remains traditional, patriarchal and has, so far, developed a system whereby the executive branch has effectively monopolized decision-making powers.
Marx argues that the myth of racial democracy did not alter the fact that Afro-Brazilians remained at the bottom of a class system in which the upper levels were monopolized by white Brazilians.