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Monotone monopolizers are people who pounce on the opportunity to corner you and, like leeches, suck up your contacts, advice, and tips.
In Dialogue and History, Eugene Irschick argues an alternative process, rejecting the characterization of the British in India as monopolizers of power who established their governing system in the context of cultural as well as political suppression.
Providers, Alford argues, are "professional monopolizers," attempting to maintain their hold on the health care market Government agencies are "corporate rationalizers," attempting to control and systematize health care services.
it may be doubted there was in it the fraud of some old patentees and monopolizers in the trade of bookselling; who under pretense of the poor in their Company not to be defrauded, and the just retaining of each man his several copy (which God forbid should be gainsaid) brought divers glosing colors to the House, which were indeed but colors, and serving to no end except it be to exercise a superiority over their neighbors; men who do not, therefore, labor in an honest profession to which learning is indebted, that they should be made other men's vassals.