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In its complaint, the NBI alleged that respondents conspired to use rice farmers 'for the purpose of acquiring substantial allocations on the PSF-TES importation program [of the National Food Authority] with the end goal of monopolizing the supply of rice.
What happened in the Senate today (Monday) is characteristic of an administration obsessed with monopolizing power and intent on marginalizing those who have opposing views,' Robredo said in a statement.
He accused Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and National Food Administration Orlan Calayag of monopolizing the rice industry.
now Roche Palo Alto), or any other person is engaging in unfair competition by monopolizing or attempting to monopolize the market for ketorolac tromethamine ophthalmic solution by preventing or slowing generic competition to ACULAR(R) (ketorolac tromethamine ophthalmic solution 0.
According to Clearswift, whose MIMEsweeper content security products protect against such threats, files such as the Janet Jackson clip, when passed around an office, can have a multiplier effect -- monopolizing bandwidth and crippling productivity.
On the heels of a $79 million dollar jury verdict against Weyerhaeuser that found Weyerhaeuser guilty of illegally monopolizing the alder industry, two more large lawsuits were filed late Monday by Haglund Kirtley Kelley Horngren and Jones.
With the Wintel architecture monopolizing the desktop, users are naturally seeking an escape from the high cost of ownership.
Smiga added that the 3Path service leverages BackWeb's Polite(TM) push technology, which facilitates the download of large files in uneven bandwidth environments without disrupting other running applications or monopolizing system resources
Likewise, competition is stiff among service providers, with China Telecom largely monopolizing the market.
According to Content Technologies, files such as the Star Wars trailer video have a multiplier effect when they are passed around an office -- monopolizing bandwidth and crippling productivity.
The countersuit alleges that Dentsply and Tulsa Dental, two of the largest suppliers of endodontic files in the industry, have violated the antitrust laws by monopolizing or attempting to monopolize the market for nickel-titanium files used for endodontic treatment.