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afarensis males as the considerably larger sex, with the fiercest male fighters monopolizing the mating game.
and Israel in monopolizing the definition and response to terrorism in order to deflect attention from their own state terrorisms.
5 million to attorneys who successfully sued the software maker for monopolizing a segment of California's market.
She concludes that a successful accommodationist strategy requires preventing Islamists from monopolizing intellectual debate and political power.
In 1890, Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act, which forbade monopolizing or attempting to monopolize trade.
com), an industry leader in affordable video over IP network solutions, today announced that VBrick is enabling employees to view NCAA Men's College Basketball tournament games at work without monopolizing corporate network bandwidth or crippling IT performance.
NNA - 8/6/2011- Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri, held a press conference at the Parliament in which he said, "Cedar revolution takes us a step forward and pushes us steps backwards by insisting on monopolizing authority and attempting to foil the Parliamentary initiative.
Redick's suit claims that, in 1997, he displayed his model homes at some parks until other companies took notice and began monopolizing spaces.
In a response to "over-priced" Internet telephone service across Canada due to a small number of cable and telecom companies monopolizing the market, companies such as Vonage, a major U.