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After calibration control was performed, the Marmara University trisyllabic word list followed by the Marmara University phonetically balanced monosyllabic word list were presented at 65 dB, and participants' implanted discrimination scores were obtained.
Other poems, however, demand less praise and rely too heavily on abstraction and utilitarian monosyllabic words.
Well, three of us had - the fourth (male, teenage, occasionally charming but usually monosyllabic) had yet to arrive.
Drawing on both synchronic and diachronic data, he finds that the shift is not complete and is progressing at different rates, that the type of action influences how it is represented, that all the languages were more verb-framed during the 19th century than they are now, and that the typological change over the past two centuries correlates with the change of Chinese from a monosyllabic to a disyllabic language.
The vocabulary system of Old Chinese mainly consists of monosyllabic (i.e., single syllable) words, whereas that of Modern Chinese is mainly made up of polysyllabic (i.e., two or more syllables) words.
In the event Maggie did not jump but in a maelstrom of monosyllabic, single word sentences, nothing is clear, except that Joey has died.
A surefire crowdpleaser with ravishing imagery and immensely likable subjects (no monosyllabic NASA types here), "Fever" seems headed for wider orbits.
Alison Steadman, below, is Pauline Paradise, the totally taken for granted wife to monosyllabic mechanic Ken (Duncan Preston) and their brood of thankless adult children which includes Coronation Street's Graeme Hawley (who was serial killer John Stape) playing another teacher.
One critique refers to 'the spartan trimester, the subject-verb-object structure, the monosyllabic masculine rhymes, the use of anaphora'.
"As a parent of a teenager myself, admittedly conversation is more grunts and monosyllabic at the best of times, but at least, TextGenie goes some way to helping in the area where the youngsters are more likely to communicate," the Telegraph quoted DCML director, Nick Flahert, as saying.
(1) Disyllabic vocalic weak-grade stems alternate with monosyllabic strong-grade stems.
12&13 TRAVEL WHY did the monosyllabic man go to Greece?