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After calibration control was performed, the Marmara University trisyllabic word list followed by the Marmara University phonetically balanced monosyllabic word list were presented at 65 dB, and participants' implanted discrimination scores were obtained.
Even with limited pronunciation skills one can see that the German establishes a fairly nuanced rhythm by way of a few lovely multisyllabic words, but translator Friebert renders this line "I knew you wouldn't come," which, aside from the contraction "woudn't," contains only monosyllabic words and includes a hard rhyme, "knew you.
As a parent of a teenager myself, admittedly conversation is more grunts and monosyllabic at the best of times, but at least, TextGenie goes some way to helping in the area where the youngsters are more likely to communicate," the Telegraph quoted DCML director, Nick Flahert, as saying.
1) Disyllabic vocalic weak-grade stems alternate with monosyllabic strong-grade stems.
12&13 TRAVEL WHY did the monosyllabic man go to Greece?
No wonder their men are reduced to monosyllabic grunts and drunken slobbery" Novelist and commentator Cristina Odone, describing Janet Street-Porter as someone with "teeth that could sever a branch from its trunk" "Simon Cowell will return for part of the live finals but we're getting on fine without him.
In his 2008 conference speech, Mr Johnson retorted that it had been a "low moment" to have his speaking style "denounced by a monosyllabic Austrian cyborg".
Cabbies in Brum tend to be more monosyllabic but I was surprised to find they are criticised for being "grumpy and surly" in a survey conducted by Research for Design on behalf of Birmingham City Council.
This week, if the money was right, I'd have thrashed Haile Gebrselassie in the Great North Run, hit Shoaib Akhtar for six consecutive sixes and resurrected the world's economy before conducting a monosyllabic interview with BBC Snooker's Rob Walker.
Ana's usually energetic demeanor had faded and my attempts to engage her were met with glum, monosyllabic replies.
My dad and I coped as best we could, muddling through each day, he broken-hearted, monosyllabic and constantly in tears.
I headed straight for the definition of 'four-letter word', which I discovered refers to 'any of several monosyllabic English words, referring to the sexual or excretory functions or organs of the human body, that are conventionally excluded from polite use.