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In public, after one catastrophic hostage to fortune when he described a first-time-out three-year-old called Leonardo Da Vinci as "the best horse I have ever ridden", he has been almost monosyllabically non-committal.
Cash, like Moses, initially speaks monosyllabically, elliptically, and seems as wooden as his creations.
During testing the patient was guarded and suspicious, only reluctantly offering information about her thoughts and feelings, and then only monosyllabically.
Sossi, a former television executive who quit the business in disgust several years ago, thinks that Mamet's blunt, slangy, monosyllabically urgent dialogue is especially well-suited to a piece about movers, shakers, posers and knife-twisters.
We are tired of blockbuster movies that glorify beefy, rippled men who speak monosyllabically and carry well-endowed sticks, but we go to them anyway, nursing our fury and enjoying our catharsis.