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33) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and some of that work's later Anglo-Norman users, such as Henry of Huntingdon and William of Malmesbury, simply spell the name monosyllabically `Cnut' in all cases, but everywhere else the forms are declined, ranging through trisyllabic `Canutus', `Chenutus', `Chunutus', `Chonutus', to disyllabic `Cnutus', `Cnuto', one charter even spelling it `Cnucto'.
Sossi, a former television executive who quit the business in disgust several years ago, thinks that Mamet's blunt, slangy, monosyllabically urgent dialogue is especially well-suited to a piece about movers, shakers, posers and knife-twisters.
And as she mouths the word, Hi, such a simple opening word, so pure and forthright and monosyllabically beauteous, like Yes and No and Me and Love, as she tries to utter this word to me, a thick thread of saliva trickles out the corner of her mouth.