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A Decreasing Monotone Triangle (DMT) of size n is a triangular array of integers [([a.
1), we shall use the variational approach and monotone operator theory (see [4,19-22]).
The monotone increasing top segment exists if and only if [Q.
The main result in this section is that operator monotone functions are risk vulnerable.
ii) [xi] = [xi](x) is a monotone increasing function about x;
In this paper, we established that some fuzzy sequence spaces posses monotone metrics.
Vatsala [22] is exposed the classical theory of the method of lower and upper solutions and the monotone iterative technique, that give us the expression of the solution as the limit of a monotone sequence formed by functions that solve linear problems related with the nonlinear considered equations.
The simple monotone drawings aren't striking, but are excellent, gentle accompaniments to an easy read story.
Scott reads in a somber monotone, and it works well here, evoking the doom and gloom of King's apocalyptic world.
And scientists speaking about matters like food science and processing technologies promise not to resort to "hours of monotone technical jargon.
The sole sign of life is the blinking red light on a radio, a stuttering blip in this smoothly monotone world.
Your turn on the news and watch some stone-faced anchorperson deliver current events in monotone.