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In each case, we find that next-month returns are monotonically increasing across spread volatility quintiles.
M indicates that the relationship is monotonically rising or falling across quintiles.
The absolute values of the rates of change in quantities of Sugars and Corn Sweeteners decrease monotonically from low-income to high-income groups, whereas the absolute values of the change rates in quantities of Other Sweeteners and Artificial Sweeteners increase in an ascending order from low-income to high-income groups.
These restrictions are expressed as a monotonically increasing function of the time required for obtaining construction permits as the distance from the CBD increases.
For a > b > 0; p > q > 0 and r > 0, then N(a, b; p, q; r, l, [mu]) is monotonically increasing (decreasing) with respect to [mu] if I > 0(1 < 0) respectively, where
In Figure 6, the RMSE for the CPI declines almost monotonically over the current month.
Results indicate that the present subjective value of a delayed outcome for a group decreases monotonically as a function of delay, and that the hyperbolic model is a better descriptor of these values than the exponential model.
0](x) tends to zero exponentially and monotonically as x [right arrow] - [infinity] and it tends to zero exponentially either in an oscillatory manner or monotonically as x [right arrow] [infinity] depending on whether 8 is below or above a threshold value [[delta].
Their characteristic feature is that their response decreases (or increases) monotonically with distance from a central point.
Monotonically convergent iterative learning control for linear discrete-time systems.
The positive properties of the nitro-titanized layers include the distribution of microhardness which decreases monotonically from the external side of the base.
1 it is visible, that with the growth of heat-shielding properties of windows the term of payback monotonically decreases, therefore it is expedient to use windows with as much as possible better probable level of heat protection, accessible for designs of quantity production, down to [R.