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His loom, as he wrought in it without ceasing, had in its turn wrought on him, and confirmed more and more the monotonous craving for its monotonous response.
The doctor remained for several hours studying this painful struggle of the will against superior power; he was terrified at seeing those eyes always fixed, ever directed on some invisible object; was terrified at the monotonous beating of that heart from which never a sigh arose to vary the melancholy state; for often pain becomes the hope of the physician.
I'll tell you," answered Tik-tok, in his monotonous voice, all the sounds of his words being on one level--"Prin-cess Oz-ma saw you in her mag-ic pic-ture, and knew you were com-ing here; so she sent Bil-lin-a and me to wel-come you as she could not come her-self; so that--fiz-i-dig-le cum-so-lut-ing hy-ber-gob-ble in-tu-zib-ick--"
The number of dishes is sufficient; but then it is such a monotonous variety of UNSTRIKING dishes.
As love-making in which we have no share is apt to be either tantalising or monotonous, I propose to skip the next fortnight and introduce myself to the reader at a moment when I am once more alone.
On the left was an old abandoned mill, with its motionless wings, from the ruins of which an owl threw out its shrill, periodical, and monotonous cry.
Again the withered hag poured forth the monotonous words of a prayer that was not meant to be acceptable in heaven; and soon, in the pauses of her breath, strange murmurings began to thicken, gradually increasing so as to drown and overpower the charm by which they grew.
LAHORE -- Wash day used to be a real chore, monotonous and time taking; something that was done because it had to be done.
If that's the case, then the frustratingly monotonous The Escapists 2 captures all of this really well.
It is a fitness regime that isn't dull or monotonous as opposed to a routine workout at the gym.
Considering the overall poor status of the country's cinema, as well as the monotonous work being produced by TV channels and production houses, how can such awards and accolades serve the country's ailing entertainment industry?
Dull, sad and monotonous are three excellent adjectives.