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The book, "Meet the Monstrosities," is 48 pages of single-panel gag strips written and illustrated in a ghoulishly fun Addams Family style.
You can go up to the viewing gallery of that other local embarrassing eyesore, the Redcar Beacon where you will get a really good view of these monstrosities and while up there maybe take in that other local attraction, the Ensus chimney, spewing out its pollutants.
The only thing that these monstrosities generate are vast sums of money for the owners of the companies that have conned the government into subsidising the installation of these things.
The black monstrosities that have shot up on the waterfront aren't in themselves that bad.
Now Northumberland Tourism director Giles Ingram has made plain his fears that these "man-made monstrosities" threaten the serenity of the countryside which is such an appeal to so many of our visitors.
Although Lorimore has already created several monstrosities, he is missing one vital piece of information from a dead scientist's diaries that's necessary to complete his nasty business.
"They're big, metallic monstrosities. There's so much wilderness near here ...
They then purposely build nonsensical handrail horrors and meaningless mound monstrosities. When the crowds fail to appear, the developers simply bulldoze the parks and sell the land for a profit.
The fifth essay, 'Idols and Simulacra: Paganity, Hybridity and Representation in Mandeville's Travels' (Sarah Salih), explores the cultural links between hybrids, paganity, and geographical marginality in the Travels, and shows how 'monstrosities' could be used to reflect on Christian identity and practices and thus be simultaneously 'Christocentric and culturally relativist' (p.
Citing Pielke's work, Professor Michaels has written: "Hurricanes are causing greater dollar damages because more and more people are building increasingly expensive beachfront monstrosities that have financially appreciated during the recent real-estate bubble.
"The monstrosities of Romanticism," writes Paul Youngquist in his introduction to Monstrosities: Bodies and British Romanticism, "trouble the matter of normality" (2003, xxix).
The general rule of these monstrosities is the bigger the Chelsea tractor, the smaller the woman driving it.