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The only thing that these monstrosities generate are vast sums of money for the owners of the companies that have conned the government into subsidising the installation of these things.
Thus nexuses are drawn throughout the book between patterns of consumption, monstrosities, and appetite (both literal and figurative) as signifiers of the threat that curious individuals posed to established cultural norms.
daisyfrank17 The people responsible for these towering, inefficient, expensive and unreliable monstrosities must be insane or totally blinded by the pounds pounds pounds pounds pounds pounds s.
Yes, they know who they are' Those out-of-town monstrosities You have to reach by car.
I would ask the elected ministers of the Scottish Executive to start a debate on this issue and to inform the companies involved that they will not be allowed to decimate our beautiful country with these monstrosities, no matter what the financial incentives involved are to Scotland
There have been two houses built on my block that are just monstrosities, so I'm glad something is being done,'' said Mark Stebbeds, 56, an audio engineer.
On every part along the Taff they are allowing three-storeyed monstrosities to be built.
It makes me angry to see so many of Liverpool's old buildings being left to rot, when such monstrosities as the waterfront buildings are being built.
I cannot even begin to imagine what was going through the minds of the powers-that-be who actually chose all the other monstrosities that adorn ('clutter up' would be a better word) our city centre, but finally they've seen sense and chosen something our city can be proud of.
PROBLEM with printers is they tend to be big, bulky, beige monstrosities you don't want cluttering up your living room.
James once told me that every time they passed them, the boys would just sit and stare at the huge 35-foot-plus monstrosities.
The list of toothless half-measures that got "reformed" into oppressive bureaucratic monstrosities would fill many pages.