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The public would probably have chosen a name like this because most people were against this monstrosity being built in the first place and it would stand as a monument to the two people mainly responsible for it.
Bellmer traveled to Colmer in 1932 and saw Grunewald's grisly altar piece ("The Crucifixion"); and Biles is entirely right to tell us (and, better, to show us) that "Bellmer's regard for the altarpiece can be apprehended with particular acuity by applying Bataille's concepts of monstrosity and sacrifice to the artist's visual productions" (137).
She added: "I am very disappointed that again the British government is shaping up to locate another nuclear monstrosity within a short distance of the Irish coast.
Each of Pretend We're Dead's five chapters is built around an initial claim about the ways in which a particular category of monstrosity is a product of economic conflict.
It has excellent racing kennels and paddocks, plenty of parking space and, yes, the monstrosity that is the grandstand that sits alongside the run-up.
BENTLEYS are supposed to be the height of elegance, luxury and refinement but this pimped-up monstrosity is set to have top hats and stiff upper lips quivering.
As long as David Charters and Valerie Hill are not transported to the Manchester Evening News, they can do what they want with this yellow monstrosity.
A neighbour said: "I think the planners have boobed - it looks blooming ugly and is a monstrosity.
Some analysts believe that the total expense required to run the bureaucratic monstrosity that is our healthcare system exceeds 30 percent of the overall expenditure on health.
Of course there are dance steps in this Forsythe verbally inclined monstrosity.
BY HER OWN account, it has taken Eve Ensler her entire adolescent and adult life, requiring countless interviews, thousands of frequent-flier miles, and infinite sit-ups to reach the conclusion that the stomach she is carrying around - unremarkable by most standards - is not the biological monstrosity she has long supposed it to be.
What occurs in the two narrative spaces--Mary's bed and her bedroom doorway--confirms the semiotic logic that links blackness with monstrosity in the cultural mythology and racial politics that the novel explores.