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Jan Evans said: "It has gone from being a quaint old building to a monstrosity that is looking more and more like a hotel.
their as a monstrosity JUSTICE WEIR ON OF CLAIMANTS Lord Justice Weir added: "They describe the tower in their garden as a monstrosity, a description which from the photographs does not seem an exaggeration." NIE appealed a tribunal decision that PS15,500 compensation should be paid to reflect the potential drop in the worth of the McKibbins' home.
The post Design monstrosity at Fabrica Hill appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Throwback to this monstrosity at Pizza Express in Hatfield.
"This is an absolute monstrosity, a horrendous sin, completely opposed to what Christ teaches us."
If that goes, and that other monstrosity at the top of Northumberland street (the big screen), then the original view from the top of Northumberland street to the bottom of Pilgrim street will be back, especially a view of part of the Tyne bridge.
In parallel with the two forewords, Monstrous Children ends with two afterwords, the first of which--by Kathryn Bond Stockton--deals with monstrosity, pleasure, and cinematographic adaptations where pleasure can be queer, and sexuality monstrous or criminal.
The artwork has been described as a "golden nugget" by its supporters and as a "monstrosity" by critics.
In January 2011, then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an criticized Aksoy's statue "Monument to Humanity," saying: "They put a monstrosity next to the tomb of [Muslim scholar] Hasan Harakani.
Monstrosity and his bride Honey Wheelie Monstrosity along with their two children Moon Goon and Lil' Squiddy, have been haunting the web comics scene since early 2009.
That, even as this nation has been in the throes of a very vile terrorism for decades, it is as yet not prepared to face up to this monstrosity as should it have been.
These several essays collected by Asa Mittman and Peter Dendle also describe paradoxes found in monstrosity, like the living-dead zombie; beings with body parts of unusual shapes and sizes, like races of men with giant ears, or lone, misshapen figures, like Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man.