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What is the relation between the fantasy of a pure body and ideas of monstrosity or degeneracy?
He said: "The whole edifice is a monstrosity and completely out of character for rural Northumberland.
THANK goodness someone has at last seen sense regarding the monstrosity that has arisen at Castle Hill.
WITH regard to today's article re the Royal Hospital (October 2),I for one would be pleased to see this monstrosity removed.
Whereas, after saying grace, I hope that this other dysfunctional monstrosity will be well and truly pulled down, gone and forgotten - gracefully.
By projecting conflicts about monstrosity and indeterminacy onto boys on stage, anti-theatrical pamphleteers made the contradictions in themselves more manageable, and in this way the fear of effeminization which came to dominate anti-theatrical tracts disguised a profound conflict about the nature of the self" (24).
What in the Soviet context appeared as monstrosity came off in the Western context as banal.
Those councillors who voted to have that monstrosity erected outside of Belmont House, Guisborough, at a cost of pounds 43,000 should have their heads examined.
Here we go again, the brains have come up with another idea for wasting public money - a Red Wall of all things (artist's impression pictured) and the description of this monstrosity as Cost Works really takes the biscuit.
Although she recognizes that "Renascence treatises on monstrosity offer no .