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Vogue provides an excellent example of the monstrousness of vidding.
Welty's Medusa thus proves that she does not need to retain her monstrousness or her supernatural power to constitute a subversive force in The Golden Apples.
Those categories are as often social as physical, and each of these readings examines monsters and monstrousness within their own historical context.
Analyzes how each applies the theory of omission to emphasize the monstrousness of the Great War.
The terrorist crimes of September 11 appeared to be part of this Jihad and the monstrousness of the actions of killing innocent civilians shows the horrific consequences of totally dehumanizing an "enemy" deemed so evil that even innocent members of the group in question deserve to be exterminated.
Next month Newcastle's Centre for Life will explore these questions and much more monstrousness during a special Monster Weekend on September 1 and 2.
That's similar to how the monstrousness of the title character can be overlooked to the extent that we feel for him, worry about him and, God help us, hope he gets away with an awful lot of murder.
The documentary features interviews with Detroit-area survivors of the Holocaust, which cover a broad range of subject matter from the early signs of anti-Semitism before the outbreak of World War II to the indignity of ghetto life and the monstrousness of the concentration camps.
He does what he can with the part but the make-up, including some inexplicable goggles, doesn't cover up the contradiction between his leading-man looks and the character's supposed monstrousness.
The fanatical Mahdi is admired as a romantic hero even while Churchill is busy explaining the monstrousness of Arab fanaticism.
In the "Elegia a Jesus Menendez," for instance, "metal" controlled by the villain of the poem is infected with monstrousness.
But the English pack retains its reputation for monstrousness.