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This fascinating representation of the mythical representations of the feminine monstrousness with strong correspondents in the Russian popular (Baba Iaga), was always part of the Romanian reality, an indubitable presence, a frightening taboo: the fear of a young mother in a Romanian village, not to lose her child, not to be stolen by evil forces, the fear of a peasant not to lose his voice when he imitates the wonderful voice of the Mama-Padurii, the fear the ones that dared to talk ironically about her had not to be kidnapped, or the fear the ones that wandered around the woods during night, not to be killed.
Though Resurrection may recycle and distort earlier familiar narratives, as the grotesque builds up, narrative depictions of the body push the novel into definite unfamiliarity and monstrousness, thus producing the full grotesque effect.
Vogue provides an excellent example of the monstrousness of vidding.
Welty's Medusa thus proves that she does not need to retain her monstrousness or her supernatural power to constitute a subversive force in The Golden Apples.
Those categories are as often social as physical, and each of these readings examines monsters and monstrousness within their own historical context.
The very monstrousness of the events is 'minimized,'" she contended, "before a tribunal that represents one nation alone.
Richard's "quiet confines" can hardly be expected to contain the kind of monstrousness that would fright peace and initiate bloodshed.
has observed, Hyde's monstrousness played upon popular
If proportionality is irrelevant and morality has no numerical measure, then presumably it would be morally justifiable from the Israeli government perspective if a hundred Israelis were killed for every Palestinian the IDF shoots, but if such a thing were to happen we could be sure to hear from the Israelis all about Palestinian monstrousness, no doubt.
Selzkine is forthright about the monstrousness of the miscalculation made by the Jews who put their faith in the Bolshevik project.
Having outfitted itself with the supererogatory appendage of its own reading, Maine's novel excludes its audience--supplying a text and its response, creating a sense of alienating monstrousness with its tautological self-sufficiency.
When Vetinari wants to know "who, precisely, defines the monstrousness of the monsters and the tyranny of the tyrants," he is answered, "Well .