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Anything by which the memory of a person, thing, idea, art, science or event is preserved or perpetuated. A tomb where a dead body has been deposited.

In real-property law and surveying, visible marks or indications left on natural or other objects indicating the lines and boundaries of a survey. Any physical object on the ground that helps to establish the location of a boundary line called for; it may be either natural (e.g., trees, rivers, and other land features) or artificial (e.g., fences, stones, stakes, or the like placed by human hands).


n. 1) an established landmark which a surveyor uses as part of a legal description of real property. 2) a building or other structure of historic importance, which may be recognized formally and marked by federal, state or local agencies, and therefore may not be torn down or substantially altered.


noun achievement, cairn, cenotaph, cromlech, dolmen, lasting reminder, mark, memorial, permanent structure, remembrance, reminder, shrine, testimonial
See also: landmark, remembrance

MONUMENT. A thing intended to transmit to posterity the memory of some one; it is used, also, to signify a tomb where a dead body has been deposited. In this sense it differs from a cenotaph, which is at empty tomb. Dig. 11, 7, 2, 6; Id. 11, 7, 2, 42.

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Time has caused the staircase to disappear, by raising the soil of the city with a slow and irresistible progress; but, while thus causing the eleven steps which added to the majestic height of the edifice, to be devoured, one by one, by the rising tide of the pavements of Paris,--time has bestowed upon the church perhaps more than it has taken away, for it is time which has spread over the façade that sombre hue of the centuries which makes the old age of monuments the period of their beauty.
Fairlie's grave from the humbler monuments scattered about it.
Where are the monuments that would prove the truth of so vague a theory?
This is one of your genuine monuments, though made by a very different power than such as belongs to your chiseling masonry
Grey's Monument was last cleaned by heritage specialists in 2000 - through the Grainger Town Project which involved replacing any damaged stone work.
GREY'S MONUMENT FACTS | You have to climb 164 |steps to reach the top of the tower The column was |designed by local architects John and Benjamin Green The Maximo Park |song By the Monument refers to Grey's Monument The |monument lends its name to Monument Metro station, a station on the Tyne and Wear Metro located directly underneath, and to the Monument Mall Shopping Centre DO THESE OTHER LANDMARKS NEED A CLEAN?
In 2009, Ritze also sponsored the bill that initially called for the monument to be built.
The monument to Tsar Dusan is part of the "Skopje 2014" project and BDI, along with PDSH, actively participated in its realization.
Government officials had discussed a monument to George Washington after his death in 1799, but nothing was done until the Washington National Monument Society formed in 1833 and chose architect Robert Mills to design what would become an Egyptian-like obelisk that would eventually be 555 feet high.
The Monument Wealth Management employees love where they work because the Co-Founders give them a sense of empowerment and encourage them to attend conferences and trainings to further their education, benefiting the employee, the firm, and of course, the clients.
KARACHI -- The Administrator District Municipal Corporation Malir, Ashfaq Mallah, has directed the officials concerned to ensure proper care of monuments erected at entry and exit points and other roads and streets in Malir.
The Vazov monument is located in the Moscow Foreign Literature Library.

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