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Reflecting on literary tradition, Lucretius binds Troy to poetry and monumentality.
The emphasis on genius loci in Forster criticism aligns with conceived monumentality in that the monument's materiality is part of a larger, immaterial ideological framework that imposes an ineffable field of power and influence that could be construed as spiritual.
Among the topics are seals and sealings from Konar Sandal South as new evidence for interaction between the Iranian Plateau and the Indus Valley, textiles as desired trade goods in the Bronze Age Middle Asian interaction sphere, insights into Harappan cooking practices from starch grain analysis and experiments, Bronze Age pastoralism and differentiated landscapes along the inner Asian mountain corridor, and monumentality and the third-millennium "towers" of the Oman Peninsula.
The 71-year-old artist also celebrates local character; in Lone Mummer Inside (1979), he gives the monumentality of a great European portrait to a simple draped figure by a shack window.
and is a perfect example of the monumentality of his paintings from that period, with strong, forceful figures.
By pushing her compositions to maximize the images' frontality and subjectivity, Canright achieves a sense of monumentality that belies the actual dimensions of her images and canvases.
Thus, the balance between the classical monumentality and the archaic closure would have been reinforced, but budgetary restrictions led the architect to adopt raw concrete and to lose the initial balance, so that brutality and primitivism were strengthened.
While these works do focus on what we now identify as genre scenes, they are distinctive in their unusual depictions of peasant life, both in their scale and in the monumentality he gives to these figures.
For this exhibition we wanted to look at works from our collection that addressed the theme of the monument, either in terms of monumentality (of scale and grandeur), or in terms of memorial (something far more personal, intimate and about individual memories).
Monumentality is found, by contrast, in the more formal photographs of interiors and domes.
Something of the massive simplicity of the original structure has been lost, but the case could be made that the resulting rhythms add a certain charm and monumentality to the building, which has gone from being -- in visual terms -- a lintel on a cornice to a three-fold structure that recalls a triumphal arch.
But more often than not, monumentality in music is especially related to the Romantic/late Romantic Austro-German compositional repertoire and its composers represented by Beethoven, Liszt, Wagner, Brahms, Bruckner, and Mahler.