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"Absent other evidence, Lothagam North provides an example of monumentality that is not demonstrably linked to the emergence of hierarchy, forcing us to consider other narratives of social change."
sense, a single poet may use the language of monumentality to
The longevity and monumentality of mausoleums, tombs and cemeteries assures us that despite our passing, our existence on earth can be permanently marked.
Influenced by the hydraulics in Roman and Persian water gardens, Stone's masterful vision deployed late modernist tropes combining monumentality and glamour across the 269-acre site.
The former is the tallest in the show and the latter is much smaller at 14 1/2 inches, although it still has considerable force and, in a photograph, a sense of monumentality. Both present the dynamic of unfolding petals; they may recall Georgia O'Keeffe's floral paintings in a loose sense, or the canna flower more specifically.
What is striking about the images is that while now, in the present, visitors will already have a sense of size, at the time the pictures were taken, people would have had no way to assess or comprehend the monumentality of the objects photographed.
As Gretchen Meyers (2012, 8) concludes, "One might suggest that for Vitruvius 'monumentality' is the opposite of 'ephemerality'; it encompasses something sturdy, long lasting, and durable." (1) This is rendered surprising by Vitruvius's active engagement with and enthusiasm for Lucretius, who stands out as an iconoclastic critic of such grandiose and ambitious monumental pretentions, since the atomistic physics and linguistics of De rerum natura emphatically limit the possibility that any monument might be everlasting, be it made of marble, bronze, or words.
He won a Bafta award for his multimedia project documenting the city's regeneration Shipbuilding Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 1993 Jeremy's image of the Kvaerner shipyard in Govan captures the monumentality of the industry and the people who drove it.
Each loop indicates the cyclical change her body goes through, while the suspended dress is like a ' second skin', a statement to the monumentality of change and its anxieties.
This occurs in an historically specific way: the failure of the house as a monument is not, as we will see, straightforward and complete, and in fact takes the form of a transformative success that mirrors the aesthetic success of the novel, particularly in the way that the establishment of an emergent new monumentality mirrors Forster's foray into the emerging aesthetics of modernism.
In part, it was a reaction to the rather sedate monumentality of the Baroque, tak-mentality tak ing a more playful and amboyant direction in many areas, including painting, architecture and the decorative arts.