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Moreover, its monumentality relates to the neo-classical Town Hall and Museum, and, as such, completes the representation of the city and restores the democratic space of the Agora.
Monument speaks about sculptural ideas of monumentality, about permanence and memory but, at the same time, is fragile because of the material properties of ceramics.
In the Introduction, the author explains in more detail what exactly is meant by monumentality in music.
With a strong central axis, both plan and cross section are symmetrical, contributing to a rather conventional interpretation of monumentality.
He assigned himself the task of photographing the major churches and abbeys of Great Britain and, working in a format as large as 14" x 18", wedded perfect technique with an unerring ability to choose the precise vantage point and lighting conditions that would best render the smallest details of architecture, convey a sense of monumentality, and imbue his pictures with a Romantic spirit.
To me," Johnson once said, "the drive for monumentality is as inbred as the desire for food and sex.
The retaining dock walls are made of granite laid in Hartley's distinctive Cyclopean style (irregular-shaped massive granite blocks dressed only on the facing surface) which adds to its monumentality.
Georgia O'Keeffe's ability to reduce motifs to their essence, to interweave close-ups and distances, monumentality and intimacy, became the distinguishing characteristics of her work.
There was a sense of gravitas and monumentality to this production.
The narrower activist agenda that we sometimes bring to social issues can be too constrictive to understand the monumentality of what is beginning to happen.
In its West Coast premiere, ``Red Garuda,'' which is, in effect, Lieberson's second piano concerto, emerged as an often accessible work aspiring to monumentality.
Even the dust jacket, a reproduction of what looks like a seventeenth-century frontispiece, points toward the monumentality of this slim volume.