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CHASM lt's the Grand Canyon's moodier cousin: Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park--a canyon so deep that not even the native Ute ever settled its depths.
So her repertoire includes throbbing renditions of disco classics like "I Will Survive," and she gives the already menacing lyrics of The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" an even moodier shade.
The big problem is that women are moodier than men and rule based on intuition rather than facts," he said.
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble do much to beef up the sound on tracks like "Banna Ba Modimo" but rabblerousing aside, it's nice that moodier songs--held together by Buthelezai's melancholy--get their moment too.
The Boxmasters "Modbilly" (Vanguard) Another double-disc dose of retro rockabilly spliced with British Invasion pop and lord knows what else, "Modbilly" is a little moodier than the trio's 2008 debut album.
Contrasting lively flamboyance with a moodier sophistication -- both works contrast on technical levels as well -- it appears that the Cairo Ballet Company has reserved its stronger or more virtuosic dance performances for "Jeu d'echecs.
When they gave melatonin alone, the participants fell asleep more quickly, but they were moodier and more withdrawn.
In general, people who don't get enough sleep--whether for one night or chronically--tend to be less sharp, have decreased memory and are moodier and more irritable than well-rested people.
Funk was drawn to some of the moodier songs, such as "Dressed & Ready," a soft, sad song about a tense relationship.
In addition to Savage Garden's eponymous 1997 debut and the duo's second and final offering, Affirmation (1999), he has released three critically acclaimed solo albums: the retro-pop confection Spin (2002), a moodier techno-based outing titled The Tension and the Spark (2004), and a sweepingly ambitious new project, This Delicate Thing We've Made (2007).
NEW YORK-Sales representatives of home decor products improved their outlook on the economic environment in the second quarter, after having reflected a moodier view in the previous period.
Headliners Dragster provide full-on, slap in the face, trashy rock 'n' roll tonight alongside Trailer who deliver a moodier, more atmospheric dish.