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Tie in the look with gold handles on the cabinets topped with golden tassels and by using striking bedside lamps to enhance the mood – black shades don't exactly give off the most light, but they are perfect for a cosier, moodier look.
Having a wealth of tones allows you to add the darker bands for a moodier feel, or lighter tones for a fresher, modern approach.
Moving from sugary pastels to gothic black may be a shock to the system so start sprinkling your summer outfits with a moodier edge.
People want individuality within their interiors and having that flexibility to create everything from a bright, stimulating environment to a moodier atmosphere is key.
She's brought in some designers to help lend a moodier aesthetic (specifically production designer Ryan Holsopple of 31 Down), adding a more stylized coldness to the stage.
He's got to go down early and he goes in the stalls late, but I think the moodier he is the better - if he's quiet, then he's not on his game.
Quartet (a revival) was darker, moodier, more reminiscent of a humid night than a crisp afternoon.
Again, from the poem "Thaw," the opening quatrain: "Sticky inside their winter suits / the Sunday children stare at pools / In pavement and black ice where roots / Of sky in moodier sky dissolve.
But Cheryl has opted for a moodier angle this time, and in the video we see her alone in a remote house overlooking a tempestuous sea.
CHASM lt's the Grand Canyon's moodier cousin: Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park--a canyon so deep that not even the native Ute ever settled its depths.
So her repertoire includes throbbing renditions of disco classics like "I Will Survive," and she gives the already menacing lyrics of The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" an even moodier shade.
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble do much to beef up the sound on tracks like "Banna Ba Modimo" but rabblerousing aside, it's nice that moodier songs--held together by Buthelezai's melancholy--get their moment too.